5 best IoT security service providers in 2020

by Varun - Oct 31, 2020
IOT Security

In this article, you will find 5 IoT security companies that will protect your business. This will make your IoT services easier and more effective.

On behalf of their clients these companies will develop and operate whole IoT programs.

Many services are customized to some level on the basis of the needs of their clients. However, companies are using these services to improve the security of their IoT devices.

Most IoT devices are connected to thousands of Internet-enabled networks, which results in a higher degree of security danger.

Before buying, companies must review their infrastructure to guarantee that their computers are not quickly exploited by the threat actions.

Each and every network link must stay secure in order to avoid system loss or network breaches.

Some organizations use IoT security software to secure these systems, but many do not have the security staff or professional personnel required to handle these operations internally.

So there comes the role of IoT Security Service Provider Company which will manage all your data and protect you from different cyber attacks.

So what does the IoT Security service company provide for our business to get rid of hackers and from the data leakage?

  • Secure the IoT networks
  • Authenticate IoT devices
  • IoT Data Encryption
  • Also, use IoT PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Security methods
  • Test the IoT Hardware
  • Use IoT API Security Methods
  • They also develop Secure IoT apps.
  • Avoid launching IoT devices in a rush
  • IoT Security Analytics
  • Updating you with the latest IoT security threats and breaches.

The graph shows Companies Spending on IoT Worldwide in different sectors (2015-2020)

IoT security

Security in the IoT is a kinda tricky business, but these 5 creative IoT security firms will help you to reduce the sprawling attack surface devices that are connected to it.

5 Best IoT Security Companies


IoT security

Nokia’s IoT security solutions provide businesses with anti-malware and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. They also use automation to minimize the malware on IoT devices.

In real-time, they can also detect the creation of IoT botnets and help you secure the devices that connect to your network. You can use these capabilities to build value-added defense services that are sustainable.

Threat protection tools that help you secure physical, virtual and hybrid networks are also part of Nokia’s IoT security portfolio.

With proactive configuration management, these tools can help you track and maintain security across all networks. Also, take care of access and identity management, and optimize network reliability and efficiency.

Key Benefits of Nokia IoT Service:

  • Efficient and clean network
  • They also monitor 24/7
  • Automated actions against fraud
  • Security as a brand
  • Also, Reduce OPEX (Operating Expenses)
  • Enable new business
  • Retain subscribers
  • Differentiate in the market
  • Reduced time between detection and mitigation
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Brand protection
  • Explore Nokia’s IoT solutions

Founded: 12 May 1865; 155 years ago in Tampere, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Emp

Investors: SOLIDIUM OY, PRIMECAP Management Co., Alliance Bernstein LP

Total Revenue: €23.315 billion

Founders: Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, Eduard Polón

Total Funding: $750 Million

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland


iot security

Armis is the first agentless, enterprise-class defense platform that tackles unmanaged IoT devices’ from a new threat environment.

With a novel strategy, Armis is tackling the greatest security challenges facing businesses today.

It identifies and analyzes all controlled and unmanaged devices in the business world, as well as rogue devices and networks, as an agentless and passive tool.

This provides access and power over machines on and off licensed networks to companies. They encourage corporations to discover whether devices are linked to wire or wirelessly.

Exploring all regulated, unmanaged, and IoT gadgets.

Armis’ software helps enterprises quarantine those machines that behave suspiciously or maliciously. Shielding ecosystems against IoT vulnerabilities or threats that develop.

Fortune 1000 businesses trust Armis’ unique out-of-band sensing technology; communicating through wired, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and other popular IoT protocols are invisible to legacy security systems.

In order to detect threats and attacks, Armis constantly analyzes endpoint activity such that sensitive information and infrastructure can be secured.

In addition to IoT devices, you can shield your laptops, tablets, smart TVs, video cameras, printers, HVAC units, automotive and medical equipment, Amazon Echo personal assistants, barcode scanners, rogue access points, VoIP phones, and more.

ARMIS Trusted Customers

iot security


  • Unprecedented Visibility
  • Network Firewall
  • Complete Asset Inventory
  • No Agent. No Scanning.
  • Real-Time & Continuous
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Fast Deployment
  • Integrate with Existing Systems
  • Cloud-Based Device Knowledgebase
  • Network Scanning Tool
  • Premium Threat Intelligence
  • Network Access Control (NAC)

Funding: $112Million

Investors: Insight Partners, CapitalG, Sequoia Capital, etc

Revenue: $73.4M per year

Founder: Yevgeny Dibrov

Founded: 2015

Headquarter: 300 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 500 Palo Alto, California 94301 888-452-4011


iot security

Rapid7 knows IoT and linked systems complexity and evaluates the higher risk systems and interactions so that you can concentrate on your business.

To assess the width and scope of the physical attack surface. Rapid7 will analyze the physical protection and internal design of the system, including internal components.

At Rapid7, with the help of mutual visibility, analytics, and automation. They unite your teams around cybersecurity threats and achievements, and they also believe in simplifying the complication.

The Rapid7 Insight cloud gathers information from across the world. As a result, making it easier for business teams to handle bugs, detect malicious activity, investigate and shut down threats, and automate their activities.

Through automation and orchestration, your team feels free to work on the strategic goals of the Company. They have confidence in Rapid7 that things are working smoothly in the background.

Rapid7 works closely with you to ensure that you get the correct security results based on the business priorities of your company.


  • Threat modeling
  • Device Design Consulting
  • IoT penetration testing
  • Hardware testing

Rapid7 Trusted Customers

  • Protocol testing
  • Firmware Analysis
  • Incident Response

iot security

Funding: US $91 Million

Founded: 2000

Revenue: $326.95Million

Founder: Tas Giakouminakis

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Contact Details:

General: info@rapid7.com

Sales: +1-866-772-7437 sales@rapid7.com

Support: +1–866–390–8113 (toll free) support@rapid7.com Incident Response: 1-844-727-4347



For businesses and operators, Huawei offers a wide variety of IoT applications, including an open-source operating system, Huawei LiteOS, IoT networking modules and processors, eLTE / NB-IoT/5 G networks, EC-IoT gateways, and smart home gateways, and IoT link management platform and connectivity network services.

Huawei does not provide IoT software for E2E (Exchange-to-Exchange) IoT solutions. They build or resell industry products, or incorporate E2E IoT industry solutions.

Instead, Huawei is focused on developing a solid IoT ecosystem globally and partnering with different partners that incorporate IoT technologies into businesses and speed up the growth of IoT industries.

Huawei’s open link management software, using IoT, cloud infrastructure, and big data technologies.

Despite this, it offers secure unified network connectivity, serves a range of users, and handles the processing and analysis of large volumes of data.

The IoT system from Huawei supports both wired and wireless connectivity modes that allow installing omnipresent network slices, fulfilling mass IoT needs, and responding to different device scenarios.

Smart metering, for example, includes extra-long standby time, while mobile broadband and ultra-low latency are required for video monitoring and unmanned driving.

In various situations, building multiple access modes helps meet different requirements.


  • AMI Smart Meter Reading
  • IoT Parking
  • Smart Shared Bicycle Lock
  • eLTE Gas Detection
  • Smart Street Lamps
  • Smart Locks
  • eLTE Port AGV Communications
  • Smart Home
  • Connected Vehicle
  • Smart Smoke Detection

Founded: 1987; 33 years ago

Investors: Qiang Fu The Vanguard Group, Inc., etc.

Revenue: CN¥858.833 billion, US$122.972 billion

Founder: Ren Zhengfei

Business Segment: Large Enterprise

Contact Details: support@huawei.com

18002096555 From Mon to Sun,9:00–21:00 IST



ARM technology is currently in the billions of devices. They are also popular for their development of 32-bit and 64-bit multi-core processors.

IoT offers connectivity management, system management, and application processing Device-to-Application platform.

ARM also sells products such as Mbed OS, SoC (Security Operations Center) Solutions, and Kigen SIM Solutions.

They also deliver AI, IoT, and Security technologies to different sectors such as automotive, retail, logistics, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.

Founded: 27 November 1990; 29 years ago

Investors: Intel, TSMC, Samsung, etc

Revenue: JPY ¥152.42 billion

Founders: Jamie Urquhart, Mike Muller, Tudor Brown, Lee Smith, John Biggs, Harry Oldham, Dave Howard, Pete Harrod, Harry Meekings, Al Thomas, Andy Merritt, David Seal

Global Headquarters: 110 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge, UK CB1 9NJ

Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (1223) 400 400 Fax: +44(1223) 400 410 Pricing: Mbed OS is a free and open-source one. There are three plans for commercial support, i.e. Community (Free), Business ($36000 per year), and Enterprise (Get a quote).

Conclusion here

Meanwhile, there’s an ever-growing trend of cyber-attacks that are focused on IoT devices. Which is based totally on lots of warnings from special protection experts.

Most companies presently cannot predict privacy and security safeguards for their internet-enabled sensor products.

To protect your IoT devices, we have listed some of the companies that are experts in this field. So you can choose from any one of the companies listed in this article for your business.

If you can’t find a good IoT Security company here, then don’t worry, there are plenty more companies that can protect your IoT services. Because Security should be our First Priority.

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