10 Best Business Intelligence Software

by Varun - Mar 3, 2021
Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software's are used to transform your business data into an actionable insight that will inform an organization's strategic and tactical business decision-making ability. BI tools can also access and analyze deeply into your data sets and present analytical findings in the form of reports, summaries, graphs, charts, and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of your business.

What are Business Intelligence Software Tools?

Business Intelligence Tools are the software used to gather, analyze, interpret, process, and visualize all your past, present, and future data to produce an effective business insight, create interactive reports, and simplify all your decision-making process.

BI Software transforms all your raw data into a piece of meaningful and useful information for intuitive presentation of knowledge and for the publication of business intelligence objects.

So before getting straight into the Best Business Intelligence Software Companies in 2021. First, let's see their benefits, then choose any BI Software for your business.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

1: Fast, Accurate, and Relevant Reporting

BI Software provides real-time information, thus provides accurate reporting solutions. The software will analyze and plan informed business solutions that may enable fast business growth and reduced potential risks. The employee can also customize their reports to monitor their KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) by using different kinds of data sources, such as financial, operations, and sales data. These reports will offer your business insights faster, accessible, accurate, and relevant.

2: Get Valuable Business Insights

In order to generate actionable insights for your business or organization, BI Software comes in a role they regularly and continuously collect and analyze your company data. They study all your business revenue, losses, gains, productivity & performance of the employees (individual and team-based). Most BI software generates reports on various data sets like expenses, operations processes, staffing, and customer service.

3: Sales Intelligence

Data and Reports generated by BI Software are particularly useful when you need to back up your claims with real data when negotiating with customers. Potential Customers empower you to generate quick sales with real-time AI-based generated information.

With AI-based targeting audience features, it will help you to generate more leads. So, visualization of hard data is much more critical and important when it comes to marketing and sales. BI tools help you build and determine the latest trends in consumer tastes that allow you to be the first in your business to know what to offer to potential clients to maximize sales.

4: Easily Visualize Important Information

Manual and old reports are challenging to interpret or understand by an individual. So, Business Intelligence software helps to reduce an organization's ability to recognize by its excellent data visualization capabilities, which allow users to create an intuitive data visual that can be easy to understand or interpret.

With charts, graphs, videos, 2D-3D animations, and infographics, they are more engaging ways to transmit information than b

locks of numbers or spreadsheets.

5: Better Quality of Data

Some data appear to be complex to operate and understand, which brings challenges to your employees in an organization. BI Tools has a data visualization feature that allows fast and easy recognition of data that can go unnoticed in a text-based report. With this feature, your information has been transformed into high-quality data and can be easily accessed. Organizations that take care of collecting, updating, and creating quality data are typically more successful than others.

6: Increases Revenue

Increasing revenue is an important goal for any business. Data from BI tools can help businesses ask better questions about why things happened through making comparisons across different dimensions and identifying sales weaknesses. When organizations listen to their customers, watch their competitors, and improve their operations, revenue is more likely to increase.

7: Competitive Analysis

A competitive advantage in itself is the ability to handle and control a vast volume of company data. In addition, predicting, budgeting, preparation or planning, and forecasting is an immensely effective way of keeping ourselves ahead in the competition; we need to go beyond the traditional analysis. BI software is easy to do. Businesses can also track their rivals' sales and marketing success and learn how to distinguish their competitors' goods and services. With this information, you can quickly and easily learn from your competitor's mistakes and can extract valuable insights to run your own marketing and business management smarter.

8: Improved Customer Satisfaction

Business Intelligence Software primarily helps businesses not only learn about their employees but also about their clients. When it comes to customers' actionable behavior, user personas, and feedback, BI tools let you see from all perspectives. These BI tools help you determine what the services or goods lack and increase customer loyalty by making the appropriate modifications. Real-time customer feedback data helps to bring in corrective improvements and provide outstanding customer support and satisfaction.

9: Data Mining

For efficient data mining, BI analytics software is exceptionally well-suited. Data mining is the process of finding patterns in data to identify any latest trends and draw insights. It can be categorized into 5 phases: Compilation or Collection, Warehousing and Storage, Organization, Analysis and Review, and Presentation. All these measures can be carried out by some BI platforms for an enterprise, while others need help from the business analytics software, big data analytics systems, or platforms for data warehousing.

BI software analyzes, processes, and produces vast amounts of information that can't be managed with weaker programs or software. It combines with solutions for data warehousing, in-house databases (e.g., SQL servers), and both structured and unstructured data, which will facilitate quick access to useful information and better decision-making processes that many organizations would otherwise ignore.

With the customized reports produced by BI Software connected to a data warehouse, companies can more easily pick up on trends in company spending, staffing, operations, client development, and more. BI Tool enables short-term, medium-term, and long-term trends in business spending, staffing, operations, and customer growth. Businesses armed with BI tools can acquire fleeting opportunities, develop more effective strategies, and take advantage of the market.

10: Streamlining and Trim Operations

A less-praised benefit of Business Intelligence Software is its ability to minimize waste. Anything that does not add value to the business can be treated as waste: this requires organizational and administrative work that can be automated with a BI framework. BI does the job that most of the data entry employees or data analysts would typically get saddled with, like data organization, de-duplication, and other repetitive tasks.

With streamlining benefits, employees can devote their time to more intensive activities, which can enhance their productivity. It can also save much time, money, resources and reduces human errors as well. It also helps users to assess how well the business is doing with the existing workers so that you can expand or downsize accordingly.

BI Tools can identify waste in your overall process as well. It does this by pinpointing pain points, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies in manufacturing, operations, and sales. With predictive analysis features, BI will even offer suggestions to alleviate these problem areas.

Top 10 Best Business Intelligence Software in 2021

1: SAP

Business Intelligence Software

SAP is the best BI software for small businesses. It can create, design, and deliver formatted and dynamic business reports which simplify and accelerate your decision-making.

SAP is one of the market leaders in enterprise application software that helps companies of all sizes, whether small or an enterprise, in any field, which run at their best: 77% of the world's transaction revenue touches SAP system. There machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics technologies help turn customers' businesses into intelligent enterprises. Their end-to-end suite of applications and services enables your customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a difference.

It is a robust software intended for all roles (IT, end-use, and management) that provides many features on one platform. SAP has 400,000+ customers in more than 180 countries. So, you can trust SAP as for your business.

Pricing: Request on Quote

Features of SAP

1. With the use of product wizards and parameters, you can add flexibility to your reporting.

2. You can go beyond the standard business reports by embedding complex images and bar codes.

3. SAP provides highly formatted content with pixel-perfect documents and forms.

4. A quick exchange of reports by exporting data to popular formats.

5. Connect to SAP HANA, MS Access, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

6. Connect to flat files such as MS Excel, Web Logs, XML, Text Files, File Systems

7. SAP user interface is available in 28 languages.

8. You can access SAP on both mobiles as well as on tablets (both Android and iOS).

2: Yellowfin BI

Business Intelligence Software

Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence and analytics software provider who is passionate about making BI easy. Yellowfin has been listed as a top "Ad-hoc Analysis Vendor" in the Business Application Research Center (BARC) BI Survey 13, the world's largest survey of BI end-users. With intuitive filtering (e.g., checkboxes and radio buttons), you can also quickly sort through tons of data and open dashboards almost anywhere.

Yellowfin offers new ways for users to interact and function with their data and addresses the needs of data analysts, corporate or business users, clients, and developers who want to create, deploy, or use excellent analytical experiences. They adapt the framework to suit several organizations, including accounting, manufacturing, marketing, and software. Some features include dashboards, scorecards, predictive analytics, online analytical processing, writing questions and reporting, and management of results.

Pricing: Request on Quote

Features of Yellowfin BI

1. The Yellowfin BI suite integrates five essential products. To connect, transform and understand your business data: Yellowfin signals, stories, dashboards, data discovery, and data prep.

2. To ensure your data stays safe and secure, Yellowfin security is highly configurable and fine-grained.

3. Yellowfin automate key parts of the research process to ensure timeliness, reliability, and accuracy.

4. Yellowfin can easily integrate into your applications and use data to drive action.

5. The perspectives of users can be made successful through presentations rich in data and interactive reports.

3: Datapine

Business Intelligence Software

Datapine is a business intelligence and data visualization platform. It enables businesses and organizations to understand their informative data better, discover high-quality and highly actionable insights. That allows them to make strategic business decisions, design and execute effective strategies, and achieve their goals in the fastest, most effective ways.

Users have flexible and scalable data analysis software with datapine, which they can quickly set up to help them access their business intelligence. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI, limitless dashboards, and a wide range of graphs that allow them to dig deep into their data and make sense of everything, even without extensive knowledge in SQL and databases.

All dashboards in Datapine can be customized and easily integrated with any third-party applications.

Pricing: FREE Trial for 14 days, then price will be Request on the quote

Features of Datapine

• Drag and Drop User Interface

• Powerful Filters

• Beautiful Data Visualizations

• Optimized for Mobile

• Advanced Calculations

• Ad-hoc Queries

• Data Connectors

• Self-Service Analytics

• Modern Dashboards

• Data Alerts

• Share and Report

• Embedded Analytics


Business Intelligence Software

Domo is a powerful software for business intelligence (BI) that provides a large data set and support for connectors. It offers specific capabilities for social collaboration. Domo is built to enable organizations to find effective solutions in a world full of ever-changing market problems.

Users will see real-time information with Domo by using a single dashboard that is visually attractive and easy to use, which helps organizations make informed and proper decisions from the insights gained. Users can combine different data sets with standard SQLs or create their own local and cloud data, hybrid models. In order to improve online conversations, the software also provides organizations access to a wide variety of social media features, so workers can comment on and share outcomes. With Domo, each user can send Domo Buzz personal messages and receive individual data element update notifications.

However, there is more to Domo than simple analytics. For online discussions, you get access to a vast array of social media features, ensuring that workers cannot just post results but also comment on them. Storytelling is another feature, which enables businesses to transform knowledge into meaningful narratives that remain consistent across all platforms, whether mobile, tablet, or computer.

Features of DOMO

• Administration via Web Interface

• Live Connection to External Data

• Snapshot of External Data

• In-memory data model

• Multi-Data Source Reporting

• Data warehouse/dictionary layer

• ETL Capability & Scheduler

• API Access

• BI-Directional Data Exchange

• 150+ Interactive chart type

• AI-Driven Alerts

• Bulk Content Administration

• Natural Language Queries

• Scheduled Reports

5: Tableau

Business Intelligence Software

Tableau is a business intelligence software company that focuses on delivering solutions that allow people to see and comprehend data effectively. Tableau aims to help their customers use data to solve their problems by displaying data through software that incorporates the latest technology. In the end, the company aims to make big data available to ordinary individuals. The organization caters to both citizens and corporations. 24/7 customer service provides you with uninterrupted access to your support needs.

Tableau provides three primary products that analyze big data: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online. Tableau Desktop is designed to help everyone intuitively analyze and understand big data. The app is simple to use because it enables users to create data visualizations by creating interactive dashboards and drag-and-drop features. It is also designed to be faster than other big data solutions, even though the program deals with big data. Tableau offers Tableau Server, a browser-based analytics platform that provides all of Tableau Desktop's big data benefits for enterprises. This software version is specifically designed to allow data to be easily identified and organized by business people. Finally, Tableau Online acts as the hosted version of the Tableau Server. This alternative offers optimal security so that organizations can exchange data with confidence.

eBay, a leading e-commerce site, is a business that relies on the data analytics framework of Tableau to reveal company insights. eBay produced more than five terabytes of data a day and needed a way to explore and visualize these sets in-house easily. They have been able to gain more insight into consumer preferences since introducing Tableau and have now licensed the app for each of their workers.

Tableau Pricing: Starts with $70/user/month billed annually

Features of Tableau:

• Pixel Perfect reports

• Report Formatting Templates

• Customizable dashboards

• Report sharing and collaboration

• Integration with R or other statistical packages

• Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots, etc.)

• Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization

• Toggle view and drag-and-drop

• List of native data connectors

• Highlight and filter data

• Tableau Reader for data viewing

• Dashboard commenting

• Create "no-code" data queries

• Translate queries to visualizations

• Import all ranges and sizes of data

• Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)

• Dedicated iOS & Android Application

• Java API Embedded

• Predictive Analysis

• Data Visualization

• Delivery to Remote Servers

6: Zoho Analytics

Business Intelligence Software

Zoho Analytics is a software for data analytics that offers you actionable insights and transforms business data into intuitive visualizations for your employees. This tool, previously known as Zoho Reports, has been updated into comprehensive self-service business intelligence, data analytics, and online reporting platforms. It unravels concealed observations, describes patterns, tracks vital market metrics, and identifies outliers. Without IT support, the tool makes it easy for everyone in your company to receive powerful reports.

By consolidating data from multiple sources, Zoho Analytics offers you a bird's eye view of your business's health and success across different departments. Users can then use this data by visualizations and building reports and dashboards to drill down reports. Technical skills are not required with the tool's drag-and-drop editor.

With confidence in the platform, collaboration is achieved as it is highly secure. While you can leverage communication with messages and in-context comments, reports can be easily shared and published with your team members, customers, and vendors. Everyone is notified in real-time when you set intelligent data alerts when an anomaly or outlier occurs.

Zoho Analytics has a smart assistant named Zia. In response to your questions, Zia can provide you with answers via KPI widgets and reports based on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies. In addition to that, the BI Tool allows you to embed analytics based on your branding. It is accessible on any mobile device – both iOS and Android – and can be integrated with various third-party apps.

Features of Zoho Analytics:

• You can import your business data from spreadsheets & flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files, and more.

• Online storage services such as Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive can also feed your business data. It is also possible to pull data from Web URL feeds.

• You can link to a wide variety of relational databases hosted in-house or in the cloud for analytics. You can also connect to popular NoSQL databases.

• You can connect your tool with popular business applications in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Help Desk, HR, IT, and many more through ready-made/in-built connectors.

• With the intuitive drag and drop interface, you can construct insightful reports and dashboards effortlessly.

• Most importantly, Zia is an intelligent assistant that you can ask questions in the form of human language. If you're looking for artificial intelligence-powered analytics, you will automatically receive the answer in the form of reports and KPI widgets. Zia is based on natural language processing and machine learning technologies to help users search for data faster.

• Publish your reports & dashboards and make them accessible to users with/without logins. Embed them across websites, intranets, blogs, and applications for wider consumption.

7: Clear Analytics

Business Intelligence Software

Clear Analytics is an accurate and timely report and transparent business insights system. But as a tool it fulfills all your marketing and business needs, most of the company uses this business intelligence software. With the help of powerful and visually rich data and transparent auditing, customers can get updated about business needs and progress. Clear analytics offers software solutions that require fewer human resources to collect and assemble all the business information and complete the task inhumanly impossible time. All this is done with an accuracy rate of 100 percent, and business efficiency allows advanced excel reports to be generated by a novice user.

Clear Analytics enables customers to predict risks and analyze the growth of the company in advance, which allows them to make better business decisions. Business intelligence makes it easier for businesses to reduce the need for more IT professionals and can gather large amounts of information. Even inexperienced employees are empowered by self-service to produce high-level excel reports and analytics to help the company to improve.

Pricing: Starts with $8/user per month and FREE Try for 30 days with no card details.

Features of Clear Analytics

• Clear Analytics is designed to make a power analyst for any Excel business user-no manual work needed.

• Eliminate the common errors that occur when spreadsheets are modified manually. As you dynamically refresh your spreadsheet info, your templates evolve, keeping your layout perfectly intact. Clear Analytics maintains a virtual link between the data on your spreadsheet and its source of data, exponentially increasing your data quality.

• Key Performance Indicators

• Easy Indication of issues

• Graphical data presentation

• Helps to create strategic planning

• It offers predictive analysis.

• They offer a full audit trail that gives you know where the data came from, what filters were applied, who ran the report, and when the data was extracted.

8: GoodData


GoodData provides cloud-based big data solutions to many businesses in any industry. GoodData's platform is a scalable, reliable, and secure method of analyzing large sets of data. It is specifically useful for organizations looking to gain insights into the success of marketing, sales, and customer support.

GoodData operates with any data source and can load, store, analyze, visualize and exchange data sets. This Business Intelligence platform is capable of accessing real, on-site, structured, and unstructured data from any source, including SaaS. It helps businesses from its data integration service console to track and control multiple load processes. GoodData's big data analytics uses multidimensional Analytics Query Language (MAQL) and the Extensible Analytics Engine. Combining these two characteristics results in improved multi-level caching, improved performance, and the option of including advanced metrics. Data reporting and visualization functionality of the GoodData framework is user-friendly, flexible, and compatible with cross-platforms. GoodData facilitates collaboration through branded dashboards between teams with advanced export and sharing capabilities and provides 24/7 customer service.

To enhance and improve facilities, GoodData's software has adopted by many businesses. Switchfly, a company that offers technology solutions to enhance consumer interaction, required a big data platform that could analyze more than 60 billion customer impressions made per year effectively. Switchfly provided their customers with relevant insights into consumer behavior and reliably calculated market effect after introducing GoodData's platform.

Pricing: You can start FREE or can begin with cheap price of $20/months per work person

Features of GoodData:

• Interactive interface/Dashboard

• Data modeling

• Data visualizations

• Interactive Charts & graphs

• Custom/embedded analytics Reports

• Out-of-the-box modules

• Single codebase

• Search & filters

• Social Media Integration

• Connectors & APIs

• Customer benchmarking

• Data warehousing

• Analytics, marketing & sales templates

• Real-time cloud access

• Pre-built analytic packages

• Support for JavaScript, Java, Ruby

• Compliance & governance

• Enterprise security

• Multi-language

9: Sisense


Sisense is a business intelligence software that offers analytical solutions and business and market insights for small to enterprise-level companies. Sisense is one of a few fully functional BI software systems that allow multiple data sets to be combined by non-technologically inclined users, customize dashboards, create data visualizations, and share them with other users also with complete security.

Without using hardware or IT agencies, the Sisense web-based BI solution unifies data into one unified spot. Data visualization features include several widgets, such as line charts to assess patterns and pie charts to compare outcomes, also enabling users to discover insights clearly. Sisense's advanced tracking features are critical for experiencing real-time business data reflected in the dashboard and available for immediate use. Another feature of Sisense is its collaboration tools that allow access, tracking, and sharing of reports without downloading the file.

Because of its customizable dashboard and scalability, Wix, a leading cloud-based web development platform, has also chosen Sisense. Wix developed from a tiny start-up company to a reputable enterprise with thousands of users and millions of websites. It needed a program that would allow the company to gain insight based on behavioral data and produce reports in real-time to continue to grow. It chose Sisense as its BI solution, and Wix can now respond quickly to market trends and customize reporting based on the unique data required.

Still not sure Sisense is right for you? Or Have some questions? Call one of our unbiased Technology Advisors for a free consultation.

Pricing: FREE Trail and then Price on Quote

Features of Sisense

• Ad-hoc analysis

• In-house setup

• Centralized data hub

• Non-programming/SQL writing business query

• Data collection, filtering, consolidation & storage

• Data connectors

• Scalable data handling

• Scalable analytics

• Drag-and-drop functionality

• No restrictions on data size

• Embeddable widgets & dashboards

• Widgets library

• Data export to various formats

• Apps & sites integration

• Single-Sign-On

• Visualizations

• Metrics identification, etc

10: MicroStrategy


The MicroStrategy platform provides a full collection of business intelligence capabilities and analytics that allow organizations of any size to get value from their business data. Companies use MicroStrategy to develop and deploy analytical and data discovery applications in customized reports, real-time dashboards, pixel-perfect documents, mobile applications, and more. MicroStrategy also brings Hyperintelligence® organizations, the first tool ever to provide workers with information in zero-clicks.

Pricing: FREE Trail and Request on Quote

Features of MicroStrategy

• Advanced and predictive analytics

• Business intelligence

• Cloud-Based Software

• Easy to use and maintain

• Real-time WYSIWYG report design

• High-performance business intelligence

• Self-service analytics

• Big data solutions

• Software as a service (SaaS)

• Scorecards and dashboards

• Agile analytics

• Enterprise reporting


Business Intelligence Tools are very versatile and provide you with a lot of useful information related to your business' performance and where it's headed. Big data is now all around us and steadily increasing each and every year. By utilizing business analytics tools, you stand to reap great rewards – your data management will become more cohesive, stable, agile, and predictable with numerous features that these tools have on offer.

TechCentred aim was to help you choose the best tools for your business on the market. We hope we have provided an extensive review of each BI Software company that will inspire you to start exploring business intelligence tools and find a perfect fit for your company or department.

If you use a BI system? What is the most significant benefit you've gained from utilizing BI? Let us know in the comments!

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