Ok! So you have just accidentally deleted some important files on your android or it is already deleted and lost on your android. And you are worrying about how you can retrieve those files. Well, don’t worry at all we will guide you through all the necessary steps and techniques that you should take in order to retrieve those precious files.

We exactly know how you are feeling by accidentally deleting an important file. But there are so many ways and smart tricks to get those files back and that’s where android data recovery comes in.

There may be many ways to get that file back. How thoroughly you deleted them, depending on the nature of the file and of course how lucky you are: few recovery methods may work for you. We will look at some of the best techniques for retrieving lost files on android.

Stop! Have a look at this before you do anything else  

If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance that you have deleted some important files. Hopefully, you came here first, and if you want to retrieve those files then before you do anything else, read this section.

Whenever a file is deleted, the data isn’t gone at all.

We will not go in detail of how the android memory structure works. First of all, you should stop using your mobile. Keep it in airplane mode or something but just don’t use it. Let’s come to the explanation part.

You see, when something is deleted from your mobile, it isn’t deleted. The memory becomes free where the file was stored after it gets deleted, and that indicates a new file can be stored at that location but your previous file has not been deleted. So unless and until you don’t use your mobile for storing new data, there’s a high chance that you can retrieve those files. So you should do everything to stop automatically downloaded files and background downloads and updates.

Got that? Great. So let’s get on with some of the best techniques to retrieve your lost data.

Method 1: Recycle Bin – I’m sure you know what this is

If you are lucky enough, then you won’t have deleted files at all! Just like PC, many android phones and apps have recycling bins and that means that your files are not completely removed right away. Chances are your deleted files will be present in the recycle bin already. So just have a look at them. Usually, the recycle bin is in the gallery apps. Anyways let us guide you.


It varies for different mobiles and variants. To check the recycle bin, just go to your gallery app or photos app where your device kept all your files, then go to the top right or left and there will be a menu option saying recycle bin. Just click on it and you will be able to retrieve those deleted files.

Gallery app -> Top Left/ Right -> Menu -> Recycle Bin.

If somehow you couldn’t find those files, then don’t worry this was not the only option to retrieve files. Let’s dive deeper and found out the other ways.

Method 2: Check your Google Cloud Backup

Google Photos is also a bin that stores deleted files and photos but this works a bit differently than the usual recycle bin: when you backup something to Google drive it means that even if you permanently delete a photo or file from another mobile app, you can still access to those files and photos through Google Photos.

If you don’t see any photos or videos here in Google Photos, check the bin option from the hamburger menu top left. Files will remain here for 60 days, if you still don’t have any luck, try visiting photos.google.com. check the bin or trash folder from the hamburger menu too.


Even if you remove the photos or videos from the bin in Google photos, there is still a chance that it will not reflect in your Google drive.

Something interesting you may not know about Google drive is that it asks you to backup any folder on your device. Just open photos, head to Settings, and click on “backup device folders”. This is a very much needed step to prevent any android data loss in the future.

Pro Tip:  if you haven’t installed Google photos yet, then we advise you to do it. Connect it with your account and turn the sync option on. This way your photos and files will be synced with Google and you can access them even if you permanently delete them. Take this step and you will never search for how to retrieve deleted files on android in the future.

Method 3: Retrieving WhatsApp photos

Was that a WhatsApp photo you deleted accidentally? If yes then don’t worry at all there are several ways to try and get those photos back.

Firstly you need to open your WhatsApp. What we are gonna do is first we will check the inbuilt backup option of WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp, go to settings, go to chats, and finally chat backup.

See the below image:


As you can see in the chat backup window, there will be additional information about the last backup carried out. Like the date and day and also the time of backup. Now clearly check if this is a recent backup then uninstall the app, and reinstall It from the play store. While installing the app, it will give you the option to restore your old media and chats. Additionally, it will also give you the option to backup your media and chats to Google drive. Try looking into this option too.

But let’s say that’s not the case and you may have accidentally written over your last backup. What if you deleted a photo that was so important to you and you have no option to back it up? Even then, there is still hope. Try this technique to get the photos back.

The first option you can try is going to the WhatsApp media folder. Open up your favorite file manager or browser and head to the WhatsApp folder. A folder named “Media” will be visible to you, click on it and chances are you will get your photo back. Now the obvious question may be “why this thing works ?”. well, remember that WhatsApp stores copy of the photos you send as well as photos you receive. So if you sent someone a photo and accidentally delete it from your gallery, there may still be a copy in your WhatsApp media folder.

Method 4: Android Data Recovery Apps

Now we assume that you have tried and tested all of the methods listed above and you are still not able to back up your files. But there is still a chance that you can retrieve those important files of yours.

If neither of these methods worked, then you will have to use third-party apps or software. This works by looking at the location where the data was kept, even when the data was marked as deleted by android.

Note: Android data recovery apps are sometimes able to retrieve the data that has been lost.

This is the crucial part where you should stop using your mobile as much as possible to avoid corrupting the data that you are trying to recover. You may face some issues like overriding the data while trying to recover the files. So we recommend Recuva data recovery software as a good place to start. It’s the interface that is pretty easy to use. Install it and the wizard will take you through several steps to try and recover your lost files.

This method of android data recovery works a bit better in case of storing files into memory card vs internal memory.

We have tried our best to show you the techniques you can use to retrieve your lost files and we assume that by now you have already recovered all of your files.

So that was all about “how to retrieve lost files on android” and if you guys have any queries regarding it, you can always comment it down. We’ll be more than happy to reach out to you.