Top 5 Best AI Enabled Customer Service Software Companies

by Lokendra Sinh - Nov 18, 2020
Customer Service with AI and companies

Almost 59% of the global population, that is 4.57 Billion people were active internet users as of July 2020. With the increment in internet users, more and more people today are preferring chat-based customer service software instead of calling to or by any other medium. With these statistics and numbers, it becomes difficult for any company to manually handle those customer requests. It can affect their overall growth as well as takes lots of time, energy, and manual work. It’s time to adapt and make use of some smart technology to overcome this problem.

Today we will be exactly talking about:

  • How AI is changing customer service and experiences?
  • Our list of top 5 best software companies that are leveraging AI-enabled customer services

How AI is changing customer service?

AI is revolutionizing the business world, especially in terms of Customer relationship management (CRM), and with advanced technologies such as AI-enabled communications and chatbots, automating the services is now real.

Quick Fact: The worldwide market for CRM software grew 12.3 percent to $26.3 Billion from 2014 to 2015 and that number continues to increase rapidly especially with the advancements in AI.

5 ways by which AI is transforming customer services for companies:

  • Consistent 24/7 Quality Service
  • Dynamic problem solving: Asking customers to hold or tell them to wait is eliminated by smart agents referred to as bots.
  • Conversational process automation: E.g Inside Pizza Hut’s Customer FIrst AI Strategy
  • Accessibility and availability of services
  • Personalized care

Globally there are more than 500 AI-enabled customer service software companies and here is our list of the 5 best and most exciting ones for you.

  • [24]
  • LivePerson
  • Interactions
  • Eptica


customer service software

[24]7 is the world’s leading company that is redefining the way companies interact with customers. It’s intent-driven customer engagement platform assists a hundred million visitors and engages in more than 1.5 Billion conversations annually.

Quick Note: In 2012, Microsoft invested in [24]7 for customer service software to jointly work on natural user interfaces and data analytics at cloud scale.

[24]7’s products that use AI:

  • [24]7 AIVA Virtual Agent
  • [24]7 Chat
  • [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics
  • [24]7 Personalization
  • [24]7 Active Share

Funding: $22M

Employee Count: 10000+

Revenue: $3B

Major Investor: Sequoia Capital

Founded Date: 2000

Location: Massachusetts, US

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customer service software

NUANCE communication is the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations that bring intelligence in work and life. NUANCE delivers solutions that analyze, understand, and respond to people – amplifying human intelligence to increase security and productivity.

How NUANCE uses AI in customer services

NUANCE is the leader in offering AI conversational platforms for enterprises. The Dragon Speech Recognition software designed by NUANCE comes with many applications in areas like telecommunications, financial services, automotive, and more.

Revenue: $1B

Employee Count: 500-1000

Founded Date: 1992

Location: Massachusetts, US

Stock Symbol: NASDAQ: NUAN

Investors: SAIC Venture Capital, VISA


customer service software

LivePerson is a global technology company that provides real-time intelligent customer engagement solutions that helps companies to enhance their relationship with customers.

How LivePerson uses AI in customer services

  • LivePerson: An AI-enabled chatbot development platform enabling enterprise to manage, create, and optimize bots for multiple use cases.
  • LiveEngage: A smart and intelligent real time-based customer engagement platform
  • Engage Cloud-based multichannel contact center platform.

Revenue: $291 Million

Employee Count: 500-1000

Founded Date: 1995

Location: New York, US

Funding: $42.3 Million

Investors: Dell, Dawntreader Ventures


customer service software

Quick note: Interactions LLC has acquired Digital Roots on May 23, 2017.

Interactions develop and provide solutions in natural language processing technology used by fortune 500 companies. Interaction provides AI-based virtual assistant solutions.

How Interactions uses AI in customer services

With its patent adaptive understanding technology, it provides a personalized customer experience through the customer life cycle. With interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), customers can speak naturally as if they are talking to humans, reducing the frustrations with common automated solutions.

Revenue: $98M

Employee Count: 500-1000

Founded Date: 2004

Location: Franklin, Massachusetts, US

Funding: $162.8M

Investors: ComcastVentures, NewSpring



Quick Note: Oct 22, 2019 – Enghouse Systems acquired Eptica.

Eptica specializes in intelligent platforms for enhancing digital customer experience. Eptica provides collaborative and conversational solutions powered by AI technology.

How Eptica uses AI in customer services

Eptica provides an omnichannel customer interaction management software and by using this software companies can communicate with their customers through web chat, social media, email, web, and fax.

With Eptica’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it is easy to improve engagement with customers, increase efficiency, and drive sales by delivering fast and consistent responses, through their channel of choice.

Revenue: $35 Million

Employee Count: 51-100

Investors: Omnes Capital, Auriga Partners

Location: Ile-de-France, France

Funding: $13.4 Million

Founded Date: 2001

Based on our detailed research, chatbots and AI tools are now dominating traditional ways of handling requests and customer interactions. On the other hand, these AI tools and chatbots generally only work for automating repetitive tasks and less complicated customer queries. Human intervention is still needed while dealing with more complex problems. So this was the top 5 software companies that are using AI in customer services. We are constantly searching for more companies related to AI in customer service software and we’ll update you with the same.

What do you think, will AI ever replace human intervention in customer services?

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