Tech issues while working from home and How to resolve them

by Naga Teja - Sep 4, 2020
How To FIx Tech Issues while working from Home

online working from home issues related to tech and how to resolve them.

With the outbreak of the virus and many countries going under lockdown, Online working from home has become the only option for many companies. Many companies gave laptops to their employees too. Since this is the only solution we have for the safety and protection of the employees, many companies chose this path.

Jobs from home sounds like a gift as there is so much freedom and there are fewer restrictions, but only when we start working from home, we understand the cons of it. While working from home, technology helps us in various ways, but when it starts to trouble us, that’s when reality sets in. It is not a luxury, as there is much work from home issues related to tech which we have to deal with on our own without them affecting our productivity.

Since there is no IT department and no colleagues beside to assist, it becomes a headache to resolve working from home difficulties. As always we are here to help you in resolving these common work from home issues related to tech and suggestions to help you have a better life working from home.

Weak Internet Connections

Working from home

The most common work from home issues we face daily is internet connectivity. When you experience connectivity issues, check whether you can view other websites. If you can connect to other websites, then there isn’t much you can do. If you are unable to access any website, then the first and foremost thing you need to do is to connect your computer to a mobile hotspot. Even when there is a power loss or when your Wi-Fi router is down, it is advised to connect to the mobile hotspot before trying to troubleshoot the issue. Google has shared step by step procedure to set-up a personal wi-fi hotspot on Android mobiles. How to set-up a wi-fi hotspot on an iPhone is found on Apple Support.

If you find that your Wi-Fi signal is weak in your room or corner, adjust the wi-fi router and place it high in the central region of your house so that the signal reaches to every corner of your house. If your house is large and the signal does not reach corner rooms, then it is advisable to go for a Wi-Fi repeater or a Wi-Fi mesh system. You can also test your Internet speed at offered by Ookla. Also, check your signal strength by plugging in on your Wi-Fi router using an ethernet cable. If you find it low, then it is time to increase your bandwidth by contacting your Internet Sevice Provider.

If you have a good bandwidth connection and your internet is fast, but there was a sudden connectivity issue, then the simple solution of unplugging and replugging might work most of the time. If this does not resolve the issue then the problem is with your service provider and they might already be looking into that.

If you are experiencing frequent power losses, then you might want to look into a dedicated mobile hotspot device. These devices work like mobile hotspots, they need a SIM card and active pack and they provide hotspot with mobile network connectivity.

If you find that your internet shudders occasionally then it might be because your router is connected to many devices and they are being used simultaneously jamming the bandwidth and slowing down your connectivity. It is advisable to turn off video on meetings if it is not necessary.

Working from home

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Cramped Laptop

Most of the people get laptops from their employers and they might have many issues that obstruct your work while working from home. The small display on the laptop might not be very work-friendly and it might be worth buying a secondary desktop monitor and hooking it up to the laptop. A wireless mouse and keyboard might add more flexibility and freedom for your usage. Using the laptop as a processor by attaching free peripherals is also an option worth considering to make your working from home more comfortable. To get your laptop repaired one can troubleshoot and repair with the help from

Dull Atmosphere

While working from home, the surrounding atmosphere also plays an important role in your productivity. Many home setups are not suitable for office works and it is advisable to have a corner or a room where the atmosphere suits office work. A dimly lighted room might put you off the work and make you drowsy, while a bright light room might enhance your mood to work better. A study desk to keep your files and store your work-related items helps you organize your material and makes your work-life smooth.

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Inefficient Calls & meetings

While working from home most of the communication happens in meetings. It might be awkward if your environment is not suitable for calls and meetings you attend. Firstly keep a corner and room for your work from home and make it suitable for your video calls. To prevent a pair of headphones to tie to your laptop, it is advisable to have a good pair of wireless headphones. A pair of headphones with noise cancellation might come in handy when there are disturbances from your surroundings. You will find the Best wireless headphones of 2020 here. While on a meeting make sure you are using the microphone and speakers of the same device. A combination of headphones with system microphone might not be appropriate.

Lousy Teamwork

It is essential to understand your teammates and work to have better productivity as a team. While working from home, you invariably need a video conferencing platform to conduct your meetings. Don’t be the one suggesting everyone move to a platform because you liked it. As a team choose a platform with all tools and use it. Google and Microsoft offer a variety of platforms integrating with other applications to have a seamless experience. Trying to integrate different applications from different companies might not be as productive. For example, a google calendar event can direct access to a google meet.

Tempting Distractions

Online Working from home offers flexibility and freedom. From music to web series everything is just a click away. There is no one to check on you if you are watching television or playing on PlayStation. You might feel that these things might slow down your productivity. We advise you to look at them as breaks. When you need a break from your work, go for these activities for some time and come back to work with more enthusiasm. These short breaks to do your favorite activities boosts your energy and help you achieve your goals faster. But also be vary of time you are spending on them as taking too long breaks might have a negative impact.

In general, if you find some websites are not working properly, it might be because your browser is blocking their content. If you know it to be trustworthy, change settings for that site in your browser and allow their content. If you are not sure, then better leave it that way. Also if your internet seems slow when many people are connected to it, it is advisable for people near the router to use an ethernet cable and if it doesn’t help, it is time for you to upgrade your router or increase your bandwidth by contacting your Internet Service Provider.

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