Field Service Management Software

by TechCentred - Apr 8, 2021
Field Service Management

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management is a very good system that is wholly designed to keep track of many components of field operations. It includes managing inventory, scheduling of works/tasks, tracking of vehicles, portals for customers, and many more. A cloud-based portal can be accessed from bile devices while field technicians are on the job.

Organizations find it tough and complex to manage their teams of service technicians or workforces on the field. Until recently it is a must for an organization to monitor, log and control the field-level workforce by manual mechanisms. This takes a lot of time and also prone to human errors.

Mobile devices and systems began to communicate easily, with the rise in internet usage, with more software tools comping up and more cloud providers, the next step for many organizations was to develop a technological solution that would assist with managing the mobile workforce and field service operations. The effort resulted in sophisticated Field Service Management Software. And other organizations who could not invest in building software on their own had to depend on other vendors to help them track their field force, customers, employees, etc.,

What are the Problems in Field Service Management?

  1. Travel Cost
  2. Work Order Management
  3. Real-time Communication
  4. Reduced Team Efficiency
  5. Overhead Cost
  6. Invoice and payment management
  7. Lack of validations
  8. Opportunity assessment
  9. Uncertainty
  10. Scheduling Conflicts

How does software help in field service management?

Field service management software combines many functions and enables scheduling and tracking field-level operations. Service requests are received by the software and it schedules them and assigns them to a skilled technician. It also provides real-time updates, tracks attendance, and helps in automating and generating payroll

A typical Field service management software provides the following features

  • Customer appointments, Ticketing, order management
  • Complex scheduling and routing optimization
  • Worker activity management, driver logs, time tracking, job status updates
  • Automatic vehicle location and driver safety data
  • Inventory, accounting, and other back-office systems integrations

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