Third-party git backup solution - does your business need that?

by TechCentred - Aug 8, 2021

Intellectual property became the most valuable asset within businesses. It has never been more important. Companies globally create an infinite amount of source code, which actually it’s the intellectual property itself - especially in IT, software houses, and startups. Millions of lines of code that make our world look the way it looks. We cannot afford to lose this value!

Git repository backup - what it is?

In cybersecurity, we divide people into two groups - those who do backups and those who will. We should and want to belong to the first group. In case of any disaster, ransomware attack, or simply human error it is important to have a backup of your data that you can restore and keep your business running interruptedly. Considering that crashes or cyberattacks are already commonplace, we should pay more attention to the aspects of data protection, backup, and disaster recovery. Now let’s focus on source code and git version control system.

Git backup scripts - DIY methods

Someone may say that using services like Git or GitHub itself is sufficient protection. But it’s not a backup. Using the Git functionality, let us create our own scripts that will somehow do copies of our data, but it requires a lot of manual work, administration, monitoring, and updating of these scripts. And usually, it’s not encrypted and automated. Finally, when you need to restore the copy - you need to write another script and you don’t have a guarantee that your data is recoverable. Additionally, we need to invest in some storage, meaning disk space where such backups will be stored. In a long term, this all grows to gigantic dimensions, administrative overhead, and time-consuming procedures. Moreover, often only one person knows what is really going on there and how to maintain it what is not a smart way at all.

Reliable Git backup software

The best rescue? External third-party software made by specialists. Software specifically developed by an external company and then used by other companies in their own projects. Trusted, proven, with years of experience. There is no sense to build and maintain your own script when it comes to something as much important as source code and your intellectual property protection. Especially as using a third-party Bitbucket and GitHub backup solution is way easier, faster, cheaper, and more secure than using any possible script. One of the most professional and fully manageable Bitbucket and GitHub backup software is It protects both cloud and local repositories and metadata. Backups are automated and perform according to backup plan and schedule (predefined or customized). You get email notifications for peace of mind and in the event of failure, you are able to restore your repos and metadata to another repository or even crossover to another hosting platform (just think about possibilities of migration). And that's not all of the benefits! Instead of writing backup scripts, we can focus on developing our business, leaving the matter of security and backup to the professionals.

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