A Surprise only for you, “Google doodle”? Read below blog

Hello, My Name is Kitty and I have found something interesting and exciting especially for you. I want to make your next birthday “the best birthday of your life”.

Introduction Kitty for Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Give me 5 minutes from your busy life and I promise, you will love me even more.

Have you ever heard about “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner”? If not, then don’t worry my dear audience. I am here to help you. Stay with me and in this blog, we will see two things.

(1) How do you use “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner”.

(2) How do I get Google to celebrate my birthday

I will not bore you with technical terms. I will keep it simple and short for you. Let’s go

Q1)  How do you use Google Birthday Surprise spinner?

Step-(1): Head directly to Google and type “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” and hit enter.

Step-(2): Wait for 1 sec and you will see two options named as “spin again” and “click to open”. So the next time when you click on “spin again”, you will get one random game from 19 different games. Isn’t it exciting?

Click on “click to open” to play the game and I am sure you will love it.

Let me tell you in short what these games are and how you can play these games on Google. But before that, If you want to see how you can make Google celebrate your birthday, then you can go directly towards Q2 in the below post.

List of all the Games:

(1) Pac Man

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard Pac Man. This game from the “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” gives the best thrills and you will become addicted after playing this game.

Pac Man Google Doodle Game

(2) Valentine’s Day Game

This game from “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” is the opposite of valentine’s day. Strange right? This game was designed to increase awareness among people about animals.

(3) Halloween’s Game

You are going to love this game. This game from “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” is full of adventures and a little horror. Help Momo to reach his destination.

Halloween Game by Google Doodle games

(4) Tic Tac Toe Game

Nothing so fancy. I’m sure that whenever we get a proxy or free time we used to play tic tac toe. This game from ”Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” is really good and a lot of people love to play this game.

Tic Tac Toe Game by Google Doodle game

(5) Cricket Game

Cricket Game by Google Doodle game

(6) Snake Game

I’m sure we all have played that small snake game on the keypad mobile. It’s the same game except there are so many cool features. This game from “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” is really good and a lot of people love to play this game. I’m sure you too love snake games. 

Snake Game by Google Doodle games

(7) Earth Day Quiz

Do you wanna know which animal represents you? You can go on “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” and check this game. You will be surprised by the answer. Maybe you represent a lion or dangerous wolf or something else you have never heard of. Crazy right!

Earth Day Quiz from Google Doodle

(8) Hip-Hop Game

Wanna enhance your DJ skills? then this game is especially for you. Mix different beats and songs and play your favorite song.

Hip-Hop Game from Google doodle games

(9) Breathing Exercise

Need relief. Are you stressed? Try out these cool breathing exercises.

Breathing Exercise by Google Doodle

(10) Scoville Game

This game from “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner” was specially made to celebrate the birthday of Wilbur Scoville. The game is all about throwing the ice on the heat and tackling it. To win this game you need to throw the ice balls and extinguish the fire. No rocket science involved.

Scoville Game by Google Doodle

(11) Google’s 15th birthday Game

This was introduced during the 15th birthday of google. Just imagine what kind of game this will be. Explore it on our own and also count how many points you got at the end.

Google’s 15th birthday Game by Google Doodle

(12) Arpeggios lab Music

Are you a music lover or passionate about learning music? In this game, you can not only play music but you can also learn it.

Go on and have some positive vibes. Music is life right.

Arpeggios lab Music by Google Doodle

(13) Pony Express Game

Let’s ride a horse. Gear up your weapons and let’s start this adventure.

Pony Express Game by Google Doodle

(14) Solitaire

I think you know already what I am talking about. It is a basic solitaire.

(15) Clara RockMore Theremin Lesson

Don’t know who “Clara Rock” was! Now you can learn to play his instruments. This game is designed to learn various instruments.

Clara rock more theremin lesson google doodle game

(16) Galapagos Islands

Take an amazing tour of the Galapagos Islands. You can use both Mobile or PC to complete this tour.

(17) Beethoven Game

If you are the person who loves to help others, then dear! this game is only for you.

Play Beethoven Game from Google Doodle

(18) Animals Sounds

This one is my favorite. For a moment let’s keep all our busy schedules aside and listen to nature’s voice. Let yourself feel the voice inside your soul.

listen Animals Sounds through Google Doodle

(19) Oscar Fish Finger Visual Music Composition Creator

This game is all about showing your creativity skills. You can compose different music and enhance your skills.

Visual Music Creator by Google Doodle

I hope I have explained all this stuff in fairly simple language.

So what are you waiting for! Go on and try “Google Birthday Surprise Spinner“‘. Thank you for your patience.

Q2) How do I get Google to celebrate my birthday?

It’s pretty simple actually. You have specified a particular birth date in your Google account whenever you have created that Account.

Now when the magical moment of your birthday arrives, go to the homepage of Google and there you will see a beautiful “happy birthday to you” animation with your name on it. By further hovering the mouse on doodle/animation you will see another surprise and trust me some- times your friends or family may forget your birthday but not Google. Google is here with you to celebrate your birthday dear.

Wanna try right now? Set “tomorrow” as your profile date or birthday in your Google account and experience all of it by yourself.

Note: But make sure you sign in with the same account. Else it will not show any animation or Doddle.