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by Lokendra Sinh - Dec 4, 2020

You may have the required skills and you may even be on the top of the game in your domain, but still be unplaced or jobless? So what could be possibly going wrong? – There is not just one but five problems job seekers are facing in today’s market. Today we’re going to uncover the hidden truth and offer you the best all-in-one job searching chrome extension to get you hired in no time.

Five Challenges & one solution – JobSeer

Irrespective of the job portals, here are the five biggest problems job seekers are facing in today’s competitive market.

1. Absence of response from an employer.

2. Dozens of options to choose from – that only makes the process lengthier and confusing.

3. Insufficient information about the company on job portals & uninformative job descriptions.

4. Not easy-to accessible user interface and lengthy & confusing hiring process.

5. Not receiving any feedback on applications or interviews.

Ever wondered how to set up something in less than 30 seconds, overcome all these obstacles & get a dream job?

Let me introduce you to JobSeer which I recently found, tried and felt amazed.

What is JobSeer & What is Unique About It?

JobSeer is a perfect extension and more than a traditional job portal. In fact, it is a powerful Chrome extension compatible with Linkedin, Google Jobs, Indeed and Dice. It is an AI-Powered engineering tool which stands out from the crowd with its top-notch features. Indeed, JobSeer is on a mission to make the hiring process effective and get you hired in no time.

JobSeer is unique in many ways when compared to other competitors out there as is designed exclusively for JobSeekers.

It’s uncommon for its outstanding features, and some of them are:

  • Profile match score
  • Absolute company insights
  • Cold Emailing
  • Recommendation from relevant people
  • The intelligent smart search
  • Recruiter’s contact information
  • Resume scanning

Exceptional Features & benefits of JobSeer – That Every Job Portal Must Include

1. Great Resume Scanning

With JobSeer resume scanning feature, it becomes easy to get a match for a job you’re applying for. JobSeer, by scanning your resume, will calculate an accurate score based on matched skills. Further, it checks if you’re an excellent match or not. It also provides the exact details of missing skills to make your resume even better. Thus, increases your chances of getting selected.

It gives you full transparency by matching your degree level, skill level & significant match with the criteria mentioned in the job description. A resume is a critical factor when it comes to recruiter’s eyes, and JobSeer specializes in this by taking care of all the essential aspects of an unbeatable resume.

2. Get Detailed Company Insights

Getting company insights is essential for the optimization of the candidate’s journey, to understand the needs of the companies, why they’re hiring and what values they’re looking in a candidate. Again, JobSeer presents you with all the information about the company that you’ll ever need and especially when you wonder if the company is a proper fit.

Extract essential information of companies like the founded date, funding details, estimated revenue, company size, and social profiles along with ‘Similar Companies’ section to broaden your search query.

3. Get 5 Free Credits For Cold Emailing & Recommendation

One of the best things about JobSeer is – it helps you gain more exposure to the companies you’re applying, by providing you recruiter’s mail & social profiles. JobSeer provides 5 free credits for cold-emailing to Increase your chances of getting selected and connecting personally with recruiters.

JobSeer also helps you by locating company employees & finding out those who may be interested in giving you a referral or recommendation.

JobSeer v/s Other Extensions – What Makes JobSeer The Best?

Of course, it goes without saying – there are many extensions in the market that can help you to make the search process easier. But let’s not forget – what they provide is social networking tools, building potential contacts on LinkedIn, and getting access to rich profiles. This whole engagement thing may look overwhelming and complex to operate sometimes. Let’s see how JobSeer has perfected the job search game and why you need to go for this extension.

JobSeer’s user interface is friendly enough that even a non-tech guy can operate it efficiently. The process from adding the extension to getting a job is simple and straightforward. What’s best if you don’t have to download anything?. JobSeer doesn’t require you to install heavy software, nor it redirects you to a bunch of pages. When you sign up with JobSeer and confirm it via the email address, you get an option to add JobSeer extension to your chrome browser.

You cannot believe it, but that’s all it took. Merely 1 minute for the setup and now when you open any job portal, you’ll be able to see the extension. By just putting your requirements (Job type, Designation, Job location and many more) in the JobSeer extension (I believe you already installed) you can narrow down thousands of irrelevant jobs and get that specific dream job you’ve been looking for. Still not sure whether it’s a good fit or not? – Check out the company’s insights and carefully make your decision.

JobSeer – Let The Culture Do The Talking

JobSeer stands for committing & delivering always the best. Besides, ensures to stay on top of every project while encouraging their fellow teammates and colleagues to work hard towards their mission. JobSeer is a friendly & family-oriented company that believes in keeping the environment full of passionate & motivational minds.

Investors: OceanPine Capital & Northern Light Venture Capital

Funding Series: Series B

Final Thoughts – Let JobSeer Guide You

JobSeer is a tool that’ll help you in every stage of your job searching process, and act as your friend who’ll show you what’s best for you. Even then if you didn’t make it – let JobSeer help you in reaching out to recruiters and giving you essential referrals and recommendations.

Unique & Excellent pack of features, user-friendly interface, supports famous job portals, and easily compatible all-in-one extension that you must have in your chrome.

Let’s hear the success story from Jimmy Liu himself here. (kindly Scroll down)

You’re just a one-click away from getting your desired job. Try out JobSeer today.

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