In today’s world, businesses and companies are heavily dependent on mobile and web-based applications. Organizations are constantly finding new ways and innovative solutions to develop more innovative applications to provide better services to their customers.

Quick Fact: According to a report by eMarketer nearly 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps.

According to the 2019 Marry Meeker Report, the number of mobile users is increasing at 12x every year.

People are spending time in browsing and installing intelligent mobile applications as per their need. But just the traditional way of app development won’t grab users’ attention. That’s where AI-driven app development comes into play.

Today in this article we are going to explore:

  • How artificial intelligence can revolutionize Mobile app development?
  • List of top 5 best AI app development companies in 2020

How artificial intelligence can revolutionize Mobile app development?
When a company launches its new app into the market, it comes with lots of glitches and bugs. This glitch fails to meet the users’ expectations. Since nowadays people use mobile apps to get things done quickly without wasting even a second, businesses need to start investing in something to hit the milestone.

Here comes artificial intelligence into the picture and according to a report by Gartner it is predicted that by the end of 2020, customers will be able to manage 85% of their queries without any intervention of humans.

AI in apps is currently being used to analyze user behavior and also to make recommendations for them by searching for requests. AI can also tell how the users are using the app and what are they looking for. Using this information mobile developers can make changes for better user experience and engagement.

The 5 best AI App Development Companies in 2020

USM Business Systems


USM Business Systems is one of the most trusted and popular AI application development companies providing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions and along with expertise in Predictive Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning projects.

Case Study: USM has helped PRAXAIR (Global Third largest gas supplier) to reduce their invoice billing cycle to 7200%.

Benefits of USM AI mobility services include:

  • Customer bonding increases
  • High scalability
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Improves efficiency
  • Marketing directly to the customers
Funding: $2MTop Clients: AT & T, Bank of America, Walmart
Revenue: $94MApps Designed: bespot, PRAXAIR, Direct Share
Pricing: NAMarket Segment:  Large Enterprise

FuGenX Technologies


Quick Fact: FugenX Technologies is now officially a USM Business company.

About FugenX

FugenX Technologies is the world’s leading technology service provider with a specialization in AI-driven Mobile App development, Data Science, Automation, and Game Designing & Development. FugenX is considered one of the most preferred app companies in India with 750+ mobile apps and games, and 100+ successful IT projects.

Case Study: FugenX Technologies was one of the key contributors to Big Basket’s success in developing a world-class Grocery app.

Revenue: $38MillionTop Clients: Byjus, Big Basket
Funding: $2 MillionMarket Segment:  SME

Prolitus Technology


PROLITUS technologies are leveraging new age cutting edge technologies for developing enterprise solutions that can solve real business problems.

With over 10+ years of industry experience in delivering AI-powered Intelligent solutions and services, it has acquired a brand name as a leader in AI-powered development companies. PROLITUS helps businesses to automate business and let them stay ahead of the competition.

Case study: PROLITUS is the core contributor to Mobile app development behind Fintech company. Many of TATA’s Mobile apps are designed by PROLITUS Technology.

Revenue: $38 MillionTop Clients: TATA, Fintech, Apollo
Pricing: not quotedMarket Segment:  SME
Funding Round: NAApps Designed: BatsOnDelivery, OKPlay, Libra Mattres

Fusion Informatics


Fusion Informatics is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India, UAE, and the USA with having deep expertise in the area of app development with emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Blockchain for the last 20 years across industries. The company is aimed at implementing and providing high-level AI-technology services and solutions.

Case Study Freshly (designed by Fusion) is the first-ever point of sale (POS) grocery app that performs in the real-time scenario to carry out retail transactions effortlessly from anywhere and help customers with instant free shipping and delivery.

Revenue: $32 MillionTop Clients: TATA, HP, Reliance
Funding: $2 MillionApps Designed: Freshly, HP events, Parallel Parking
Funding Round: NAMarket Segment:  SME



Techahead is a global leader in mobile app development and it is trusted by fortune 500 companies to Startups. It has a proven track record in providing engineering innovative, robust, and scalable apps at speed. Techahead provides solutions for multiple industries: Fashion, Business, Education, Health, Travel, and fitness to name a few.

Case Study

The Healthy Mummy App: Techahead has Re-engineered the application architecture and developed a highly scalable native application with the latest designs, conforming with the latest devices, helping position the app as #1 mum’s app worldwide.

Revenue: $30 MillionTop Clients: Pickle Play, The Healthy Mummy, Journies
Funding: Not AvailableApps Designed: Freshly, HP events, Parallel Parking
Funding Round: NAMarket Segment:  SME

Conclusion: The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile app development has renewed business growth and user engagements. Companies with AI-enabled applications can generate maximum revenue with a user-friendly (UI) interface. The growth of AI is opening endless possibilities in every field and already started to dominate the market long before. So this was the top 5 AI-enabled app development companies on our list.

Have we missed any AI app development company in the above top 5 list? Let us know by your comment.