TheWiSpy Review: Spy App to Track Phone Using IMEI Number

by TechCentred - Jun 2, 2021

Are you planning to monitor your kid's cell phones? Whatever your reason is, you need personal information to do that. You can try a simple way, track the target phone using IMEI online without any worry. Yes, it's that easy! Every smartphone has an IMEI number that is unique from others.

The main point is to keep children safe from outside dangers, and there is no better way than installing a spy call recorder. There are more than 70% of teenagers being harassed online, and that is resulting in increased mental health issues. But as the technology-enhanced, so do the options, you can sit on your couch and start controlling your kid's phone using android spy apps.

What is the IMEI number?

Every mobile company produces a 15-digit unique number for each model. If you are unaware of your IMEI number, check your phone's battery, and you'll see it at the back. Long story short, this number is used for spying on your phone, so stay alert and avoid your phone getting into the wrong hands. It's a good thing because you can track it down if you ever lost a mobile phone.

TheWiSpy- How to track the phone through the app?

Firstly you need to understand what TheWiSpy is, so TheWiSpy is a spy call recorder used to track down a smartphone device. It supports Android devices of all types with advanced functionality. It is one of the most popular free spy apps worldwide that parents/employees use for tracking lost cell phones.

It has tremendous features that are only designed for high-quality spying. One of the main features is GPS tracking that functions and brings the phone's exact location in seconds. If you want to track any smartphone, then you should install TheWiSpy app and use its advanced features. It is better than any IMEI tracker because it offers real-time location and device location history.

TheWiSpy- Install TheWiSpy on android phone:

Stop stressing over how to get TheWiSpy app on the phone because you won't have to do much. TheWiSpy has the most modern technology that requires little effort and offers high-quality results. Here are few steps to get TheWiSpy on the required phone.

Step 1:

You need to access any web browser you can with good internet speed to get started. Open TheWiSpy website and purchase the software subscription.

Step 2:

It's time to install TheWiSpy to track phone using IMEI online. Download the app by following the link and fill out the account information. It is not a long process, and once it's done, you'll enter it into the application home page.

Step 3:

The account is all set, and you can start tracking the phone location using a GPS location tracker. It doesn't matter which part of the world your phone is in; TheWiSpy will provide real-time results.

TheWiSpy- Price plan:

You don't have to worry about the expenses to track your phone using IMEI online because TheWiSpy offers a reasonable price plan for all customers. Take your time and figure out your need and on that basis, choose a subscription plan for spying. TheWiSpy spy call recorder has three plans on its website that make it easier for you to choose.

Regular plan:

In the end, free app spy has the same use, and that is tracking; TheWiSpy has a regular plan where you can fulfill every spying need. The price range starts from $19.99 only, and the end-user can extend the period according to individual needs.

Beginner plan:

Are you overwhelmed by advanced technology and don't know how to use it? Well, don't worry because TheWiSpy has a beginner plan that you can choose for trial. The price of the beginner plan is $9.99 only.

Premium plan:

If you want to track down a device and spy on it, then experience it correctly. TheWiSpy offers a premium plan for users that include advanced features of the spy call recorder app. You can enjoy unlimited functions starting from $29.99 only.

TheWiSpy- Extraordinary features available for tracking:

It is wise to explore each function of the app you are about to try, and that's why I explained the extraordinary features of TheWiSpy app. You can effortlessly track your phone using the IMEI number, but it's better if you do it with TheWiSpy free spy app. Also, check out these other cell phone accessories.

GPS location tracking:

The main thing required to track a cell phone is to know the device's exact location, and you don’t have to learn advanced techniques to do that. TheWiSpy has the best GPS location tracker, and you can track down any android device with few clicks while sitting remotely.

Call recording:

There were times when people hired a hacker to get into the phone to hear the conversations. But as time has changed and things got easier in tracking, free spy apps such as TheWiSpy launched call recording features within the app. That's right! Not only you'll get to hear the calls but also use other features at the same price.

Call history spy:

As a parent, there also comes a time where you require keeping an eye on to whom your kid is talking to continuously. But it's impossible to monitor their android phones all the time. You can view the previous history of calls and manage them from a remote area.

Remote control:

You don't have to panic if your cell phone is lost or your child's online activity is out of hand because TheWiSpy has a solution to your entire problem. So sit back and install TheWiSpy app to track your phone using IMEI online.

App tracking:

With TheWiSpy installed on the target phone, you can now spy on all social applications. From posts and DM's, you will have access to all accounts remotely. Use the app tracking feature from the dashboard and start getting the information right away.

SMS spy:

It is easy to spy on text messages or SMS through TheWiSpy app. Enable the feature from home screen and start reading chats.

Microphone recording remote spy:

You can listen to surroundings near the target device using the microphone, and it works in a way that when you enable the feature, the device will start recording. Once the recording is disabled, you can listen to it from your account.

Multimedia control:

It doesn’t matter if your child is hiding something from you because you can now monitor their multimedia files using TheWiSpy android spy app. Use the application to enter in the gallery of the device and delete or view files.

Concluding thoughts:

In this era, freaking out over small things is not an option; there is a solution to every technical problem. Such as if you lost your phone and it seems to you that tracking it down is impossible, then you're wrong. TheWiSpy is an advanced spy app that thousands of people use for tracking, and you should too. You can download the app and start using fabulous functions because it will give you real-time results within seconds. Whether you want to spy on your child or employee or just lost your phone, TheWiSpy is the solution for you.

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