Top 5 Trends in Technology [2021]

by TechCentred - May 4, 2021
Trends in Technology

The evolution of technology is started ages ago and it is in continuation. These trends in technology will be explaining about how the technology is creating new trends in every decade without any failure.

Top 5 Trends in Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the first trends which comes to mind in this new decade. As the world growing the technology around it also grows accordingly and that's a fact no one can change.

One of the futuristic techs in Artificial Intelligence is biometrics, in this biometrics, we have face recognition, voice recognition, retina recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, and DNA recognition.

With this recognition technology, it helps us to identify the details of the person without any doubt.

Now AI is also available in chat assistant in some websites, Google assistant, Alexa, etc., this chat assistant gives the feel like we are talking to humans that's a bit much, right?.

Artificial Intelligence is now the tech that is followed in many industries like photography, health care, Defence, education, etc. AI will become more and more useful and powerful in the coming days, stay tuned.


Internet connectivity is increasing in a fast phase as human beings' patience reducing. Many People get irritated easily if the internet speed is low or if it takes so much time while browsing any stuff or videos.

First, we had 2G network then we are satisfied and we thought that it is the fast internet we are using and then 3G came everyone loved it, then 4G is very fast when compared to 3G and it takes very little time for browsing stuff and all that.

But now it's 5G time with a more advanced network which is many times faster than a 4G network and it is now the needed network in this new era of technology.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are also one of the booming trends in technology in 2021. Virtual Reality makes sure that it creates the digital environment of the physical world and when it comes to Augmented Reality it enhances this digital environment of the real world.

Augmented reality is all about creating a simulation of the real world that can only be seen. But when it comes to Virtual reality the user will be placed in that virtual reality so that he/she experiences more like reality.

This Virtual and Augmented Reality helps students and many others to learn anything more quickly by experiencing it with the help of this technology.


Robotics is futuristic technology among all the trends in technology. But with the introduction of robotics in the world, there is this reduction of manpower and loss of employment.

Because of robotics technology, the time taking process for any work is very low. For example, in Farming there are many kinds of machines coming up and some are already there, In the Health care industry, this technology is now more advanced and helping doctors to make sure best and fast results with the help of scanning, x-ray, etc. machines.

There are now drones that are helpful for the defense industry to monitor any thief from upside and it also very much useful for professional photographers.

With the help of Robotics technology, we can make our today's world a better place but we have to use it in a better way.

Internet of Things

Internet of things explains the devices that are connected through the internet. Smartphones, Smartwatches, Refrigerators, Smart TV and many such devices can be connected through the internet.

With this internet of things, we can operate any device without even moving an inch with a smartphone.

By connecting refrigerators, AC, Smart TVs, etc. to the smartphone we can easily operate them with ease.

Internet of Things is now evolving very fast and creating wonders in the world of technology.

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