7 Predictions for AI, Analytics, and Big Data in 2021

by Abhyank Srinet - Apr 5, 2021
AI, Analytics, Bigdata

The year 2020 has not been very stable for several industries. With organizations growing themselves online during the outrage of the global pandemic, it became an essential requirement to be available at all times to the customers when they cannot step out. The customers were also expected to be well informed.

Here are the much-awaited 7 predictions for AI, Analytics and Big Data in 2021.

How will AI be administered?

As AI turns more prevalent, a greater number of stakeholders are getting worried. This is because be it ace organizations or beginners, there would be great competition amongst them to provide a sound AI system. The main focus is on the administration part for the businesses that do not want to be regulated. To avoid government interference, organizations need to have impartial and equitable data fed into the AI and dynamic, relatable, and transparent models.

Models will be the “new”:

Better than before, DevOps was a thing of the past. Models will improve the business operations subsequently, and efficiency will see a boost in terms of the cloud. If IT wants to put in Guardrails alongside moving further with ModelOps, it would not be much of a problem.

Analytics-based divide:

Analytics is a crucial part of several industries on the planet. There would be an analytical divide which means many organizations wanted to invest in analytics before the pandemic, but this too is a hit. Now, as we go through the predictions, those who still support would be on the winning side, and those who took a hit would be a critical end.

‘Know it all’ Squad:

The attempts to standardize and increase data access in the entire organization will ensure that all the employees are equipped with full knowledge and perception inclining towards a rise in human resources with technological and cultural transference pivotal for overall problem-solving approach and growth.

Combining of Big Data and Blockchain:

When collaboration happens between big data and blockchain, there is increased security due to the network structure. This modified structure proves to be better, and the authenticity and transparency of information are set to reach its peaks.

Augmented Analytics will prevail:

Augmented analytics uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to regulate the preparation, analysis of data, metamorphosing, sharing and preparing significant unused data into compact, working datasets. This clearly shows Augmented Analytics will be effectively utilized in Business Intelligence (BI).

Serious doubts related to AI:

Customers use AI and don’t even realize it sometimes; for example, platforms like Facebook utilize AI. They provide their personal information, but the danger behind AIis that it cannot anticipate the threat behind unless they are being taught about it.

To conclude, AI, Analytics and Big Data have crucial roles in 2021. These together will significantly affect customer behavior and provide them insights, yet managing and governing themselves from government interference. Dynamic and never-seen situations similar to the pandemic will keep arriving, but the key is to understand and modify according to the passing times.

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