AI In Education: Top 5 Best Companies you should know [Quick Guide]

by TechCentred - Oct 17, 2020
AI in education

3Artificial intelligence has bought some wonderful transitions in the education sector, benefiting and realizing the potential of both students and Institutions.

Regardless of age, we are constantly learning and understanding things to evolve, and learning always has been and always will be the foundational part of humanity.

The Impact of AI on Education IT solutions is changing the entire industry, by helping teachers automate routine administrative tasks, and focus more on critical tasks such as spending time with students.

5 Applications of AI In The Education Industry
  • Global Learning: With the introduction of more inventions, there will be a variety of online courses available and with the help of AI, each student will be taken care of uniquely and the sole focus will be on productive learning.
Quick Fact: The Global AI in the education market is expected to reach $6.8 Billion by 2023.

  • Smart Content: AI systems or robots are now using traditional syllabuses to design highly effective and creative customized textbooks with video conferencing and video lectures to engage and help students of all academic grades and ages.
  • Personalized Learning: AI customizes in subjects and classroom assignments, ensuring that each student gets the best possible assistance.
  • Automation of classification and processing of paperwork is now possible with Artificial intelligence

With over more than thousands of AI-driven Education companies, here is our list of the 5 most exciting ones.

Top 5 Best Companies Using AI in Education Sector [2020]
AI in education

Revenue: $1B

Employee Count: 5000-1000

Investors: SAIC Venture Capital, VISA

Location: Massachusetts, US

Stock Symbol: NASDAQ: NUAN

Founded Date: 1992

NUANCE communications is a multinational computer software company providing Artificial Intelligence and speech recognition based education solutions.

How NUANCE uses AI in education

NUANCE is using its Dragon speech recognition software that helps teachers and students to express themselves and achieve a new level of success by realizing their full potential.

For students struggling with typing, spelling concerns, and writing, Dragon is the ultimate solution that changes it all by allowing students to express themselves by simply talking. Dragon dictates three times faster typing with 99% accuracy, transcribes up to 160 words per minute, read aloud incoming emails and homework instructions.

Learn more about NUANCE


AI in education

Revenue: $69 Million

Employee Count: 100-500

Investors: Collier Investments, CIP Capital, Draper Triangle

Location: Pennsylvania, US

Funding: $14 Million

Founded Date: 1997

Quick Note: September 2020 – Carnegie Learning acquired Scientific Learning Corporation for $15,000,000.

Carnegie Learning is a leading publisher of innovative, research-based math learning and differentiated instructions to schools across the United States for middle school, high school students, and post-secondary students.

How Carnegie Learning uses AI in education

By combining Cognitive Learning and Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning, helps students understand what they are learning in a more deeper and personal way. Carnegie Learning achieves this using three components.

  • Engage: Research-based material to engage students with a real-world analogy to make the learning real for them.
  • Develop Both group and independent learning platforms with 1-to-1 support to prepare them for the future.
  • Demonstrate: Formative assessment to see what students are really learning and allowing adjustments to their need.

Software Platforms CL offers:

  • MATHIa (6-12 grades)
  • MATHIaU (Higher Ed)
  • Zulama (Computer Science)

Learn more about Carnegie Learning

3. iNurture

AI in education

Revenue: $36 Million

Employee Count: 500-1000

Investors: Black Soil, VenturEast Capital, Kimera

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Funding: $16.1 Million

Founded Date: 2005

Quick Note: iNurture has acquired Krackin on May 28, 2018

iNurture is India’s top AI-enabled education company with delivering industry relevant courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fast-growing sectors of the economy.

How iNurture uses AI in education

iNurture’s Artificial Intelligence-based platform assesses the employability of a student and provides necessary interventions through placements cells and on-campus career development programs.

iNurture achieves this using robust models that include:

  • KRACKiN: an AI-based student engagement platform
  • KRACKiN SKILLx: an end-to-end employability solution for students
  • CollegeNinja: fully integrated career guidance app

Learn more about iNurture


AI in education

Revenue: $28 Million

Employee Count: 51-200

Investors: Triple Point Capital, Accel, Atomico

Location: New York, US

Funding: $182.3 Million

Founded Date: 2008

Quick Note: May 6, 2019 – John Wiley & Sons acquired Knewton’s assets.

Knewton creates adaptive learning technology to personalize learning for the world. Schools, Teachers, and education companies around the world use Knewton for digital course materials that dynamically adapt to student’s unique needs.

How Knewton uses AI in education

Its successful product called Alta is Knewton’s fully integrated, AI-based adaptive learning courseware. It includes text-based and video instruction, interactive learning content, assignments, and review materials, all are included in Alta at the low price of $39.95 for college students.

AI-enabled Alta is continuously adapting in nature that offers different and unique ways to complete the tasks to every student.

Learn more about Knewton

5. Blippar


Revenue: $24 Million

Employee Count: 51-100

Investors: Candy Capitals, Qualcomm Ventures

Location: London, UK

Funding: $131.7 Million

Founded Date: 2011

Quick Note: September 30, 2020 – Blippar partners with Kellogg’s to launch branded Coco Pops WebAR campaign.

Blippar is a leading technology company specializing in Computer Vision (CV) and Augmented Reality (AR). It has been pushing boundaries of what is possible in AR and using AI/AR to deepen customer engagement, drive footfalls, and increase sales.

How Blippar uses AI in education

BlippBuilder tool – Using computer vision and augmented reality it brings extra creativity, interactivity, and engagement to any subject and enhancing the way student learns in the classroom.

BlippBuilder comes with 3 versions:

  • BlippBuilder Light: $150 per month – perfect for individuals
  • BlippBuilder Pro: $1500 per month – perfect for group projects
  • BlippBuilder Enterprise: Custom Pricing – perfect for business

Learn more about Blippar


To conclude, undoubtedly more and more AI applications are being designed for mentors, students, teachers, and institutions across the world. This wave of application combined with digital technology and smart content is transforming the education industry.

What do you think, will AI replace Teachers and mentor’s jobs?

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