New Google Finance: All You Need to Know

by Lokendra Sinh - Sep 10, 2020
Everything you need to know about Google Finance

The New Google Finance

Lots of people search for information about investing in a stock market. But there is so much information to grasp at a time. It feels overwhelming to search for something related to the stock market and when you see thousands of websites and tons of data, you become confused and cannot decide exactly what to invest. Well, let’s introduce you to the new “Google Finance”. it can help you find the information you need to make more and better investment decisions.

What Is Google Finance

Google Finance provides real-time market information and organized in such a way that makes sense and it’s easy to use for any newbie for investing.

Let’s first walk you through the main page or interface of Google Finance.

Before going ahead one obvious question, raising by your mind is how & where do we see Google Finance?

Well, go to your chrome browser and type “Google Finance” and then hit enter.

google finance

You can now see the “Finance-Google Search” link. Click on it and you will be redirected to the main page of Google Finance.

The main page of Google Finance look something like this:

Google Finance

The company name, as well as pricing of stocks and all other things, may not be the same on your screen. It’s just for your guidance and reference.

How To Use Google Finance

There are mainly four sections of Google Stocks .

  1. Market Summary
  2. Your Stocks
  3. Local Markets
  4. World Markets

Market Summary

In this section of Google Stocks, you can view the most recently searched stocks. In the above example, it is DXC Technology. You can view the stocks prizing and its conversion rate which keeps on changing frequently on the basis of real data and market value. Click on “Disclaimer” right below the Recently searched section. Here you can see the Finance data listing and Exchanges for various stocks along with the real-time delay, the description of the stock, the region, and the Exchange code. All this is accurate and can help you to trade or invest better.

what is google finance

Your Stocks

how to use google finance

“Your watchlist” is the section where you can see the stocks you have added for quick access and their regular updates with the latest financial news.

In each of the sections, you can see “United States markets”, “World markets”, and “Currencies” on the right side of the page. This gives you an overall idea of the exchange rate of currency, the top stock in the united states, or stocks that are performing well in world markets.

Local Markets under Google stock market

If you are an expert in investing or knows something about trading, then this is the section you were looking for. It shows you the actual behaviour of the stock in the form of a chart which is very easy even for the beginners to analyze it. This is where you get Google stock market useful

google finance

You can hover your mouse on the chart to and you will be able to see changes in the values of stocks. Click on any of the local markets stocks to analyze it better and with more features.

See the below image for clarification:

google finance

World Markets

This one is also the same as Local markets except for the fact that it shows the leading stocks and their exchanges based on the World market.

I think that was enough for an introduction to “Google Stocks “. Apart from these, we can also search for “google finance tesla” which gives details about Telsa stock. It also provides APIs for developers.

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