The tremendous growth of ransomware, increasing number of exploits and threats, and lack of shared intelligence among various security products have resulted in less effective and much slower endpoint security threat response for organizations.

Quick Fact:  According to a recent study, it is found that more than 30 percent of known breaches involve malware being installed on endpoints.

Installing the wrong endpoint security solution can cause some serious exploits and makes your endpoints vulnerable to threats and attacks.

Thus an effective Cyber Security strategy should therefore include “End point”  security as it is one of the critical factors when it comes to network security.

In this article, we have summed up the strategies and solutions to ensure endpoint security and also we will be listing the top 5 companies that provide the best endpoint security for businesses and enterprises.

5 Best Practices to ensure Endpoint Security

  1. Enforcing the least privilege access for users on the endpoint device(s). Make sure when the elevated rights are needed, the user is required to go through the Multi-Factor Authentication process.
  2. Performing continuous endpoint scans with a “Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solution”.
  3. Enforce System Hardening. Check and consider the settings for internet access, access towards other internal networks, and local subnet system too. Close all UDP and TCP ports too, this will limit the amount of applications launch and reduce the spread of malware on systems.
  4. Enforce Application Control
  5. Deploying a SIEM Solution. SIEM solution is regarded as the best practice in the industry and it’s not only receiving events from various sources but it is also capable of addressing the relevance of events, performing data/event correlation, and discriminating between “possible incident” and “Just an event”.

Here is our list of top 5 companies offering the best endpoint securities.

Check Point Software

Check Point Software is the leading top technology company in providing end-point security solutions and protecting customers from cyberattacks.

Funding: $67 MillionTop Clients: Cadence, mnyway
Revenue:   $2 BillionInvestors: Social Finance Israel
Founded Date: 1993Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

What does Check Point Software Offers?

  • Provides data and network security endpoint solutions with threat prevention techniques.
  • Offers Sandblast Zero-Day protection which prevents security threats and damages at an initial stage.
  • Offers anti-bot technology for managing security services and control technologies.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a multinational next-generation cybersecurity company providing cloud and endpoint security solutions integrated into one platform which delivers automated preventions against various cyberattacks.

Funding: $65 MillionTop Clients:  KERRY Logistics, SEGA
Revenue:  $2 BillionInvestors: Northgate Capital, Icon Ventures
Founded Date: 2005Employee Count: 7000 – 10000

What PAN offers?

  • Cortex XDR – provides everything to stop all endpoint attacks and threats with best-in-class prevention.
  • Offers protection against advanced malware, exploits, and fireless attacks.
  • Also, companies can integrate Cortex XDR with existing network and cloud security from PAN.


FireEye is an intelligence-led cybersecurity company that protects enterprises by combining automation technology with human expertise and a machine-based security solution platform providing real-time threat protection.

Funding: $826.4 MillionTop Clients:  Vodafone, Infosys, Hexaware
Revenue: $889 MillionInvestors: Juniper Networks, DAG Ventures
Employee Count: 1000 – 5000Location: Milpitas, California, US

What FireEye offers?

  • Helix – a unified platform that analyzes and integrates data from various assets and provides real answers and solutions for real threats that matter.
  • Also, it offers MalwareGuard – a machine-learning protection engine that provides behavioral analysis, threat detection, and endpoint detection and responses to reduce the impact of the breach and stop attacks in progress.


Sophos is a leader in data protection and IT security solution company with over 100 Million users in more than 150 countries specialization in defending against malware, spyware, intrusions, spams, policy abuse, and data leakage.

Founded Date: 1985Top Clients:  ACES Direct, ATLO
Revenue:  $711 MillionInvestors: Juniper Networks, DAG Ventures
Employee Count: 1000 – 5000Location: Oxfordshire, UK

What Sophos offer?

Sophos released Intercept X Endpoint provides the best endpoint protection service.

It also provides:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Managed Threat Responses
  • Active Adversary Mitigations
  • Deployment and Deep Learning Malware Detection


McAfee is an online cybersecurity company that provides solutions to small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments with expertise in virus alerts and analysis on malware, security threats, and web vulnerabilities.

Funding:   $3.8 BillionTop Clients:  Prodeb, Canon, Land O’ Lakes
Revenue:  $2 BillionInvestors: NightDragon Security, CrowdStrike
Employee Count: 5000 – 10000Founded Date: 1987

What McAfee offers?

  • Machine Learning Behavioral Analysis
  • Real-time scanning 
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Application Containment
  • Automated EDR


There are many companies offering Security solutions but this was the top 5 on the list that offers almost complete endpoint security solutions to your business.

Do you know of any other company that belongs to the top 5 on the list? Let us know your comments.