New Feature on Whatsapp: A Shopping Button for its Business Users

by Varun - Feb 13, 2021
WhatsApp Shopping Button

WhatsApp recently added a new WhatsApp Shopping Button for Business Account Users, which will make it easier for customers to discover their business catalogue.

WhatsApp says the new shopping button will make it easier for businesses to have their product be discovered, which also helps in an increase in sales. It is also beneficial for the eCommerce store or offline store. It also partially helps build a business of eCommerce Software Companies.

As per WhatsApp Analytics, every day more than 175 million people message from WhatsApp Business Account. And 40 million people view business catalogues every single month.

With this new WhatsApp feature, users will now see a shopping button near their business account’s profile name.

What does the WhatsApp shopping button look like?

The WhatsApp Shopping button shown above will give you access to the business’ catalogue directly from your chat screen. This makes it easy to explore business products and services while using WhatsApp. You can still access the business catalogue from your business profile.

Indeed, this feature is currently available for WhatsApp Business Account users. The WhatsApp shopping button is available for all users.

While it replaces the voice call button on the screen, users can undoubtedly start voice calls via the call button, and then choose between video and voice.

WhatsApp Payment Feature (WhatsApp Pay) in India?

With icing on the cake, WhatsApp Inc. has also introduced a payment feature (WhatsApp Pay) in India which is designed in partnership with the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) for using the UPI (Unified Payment Interface), which is a real-time payment system that allows secure transactions with more than 160 banks across India.

Apart from making payments much easier, WhatsApp says the feature will also help expand financial inclusion. To send or receive money on WhatsApp in India, you just need to have a bank account and debit card of Indian Banks.

The app sends instructions to banks (payment service providers) to transfer your transaction securely via UPI between the bank accounts of senders and receivers. Your payment experience will be secure and easy, as simple as sending messages on WhatsApp.

To gain access to WhatsApp Pay on Android and iOS you need to update your WhatsApp Application.

What is Whatsapp Business API?

For small, medium, to large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with your customers all across the world.

Until last year, WhatsApp Business Application was free, but due to an increase in the user base of over 3 Million. They decided to convert the free platform into a profitable application, with a fixed fee of $0.005 for each message, after 24 hours of initial conversation from a customer.

But right now, WhatsApp Inc. is working directly with a few hundred businesses on the API. Over a period of time, the company will bring this feature to other businesses also.

Create a business profile with helpful information for your customers like your address, business description, email address, and website.

Send your customers the information for which they are expecting where they want to receive it. Respond to questions and provide support to your customers.

How to integrate Whatsapp Payment With your Business?

How to link your bank to your WhatsApp Pay:

  1. Open WhatsApp -> Settings.
  2. Tap on Payment-> Accept and Continue.
  3. Verify your number via SMS.
  4. Upon confirmation, you’ll see all UPI supported banks.
  5. The app will fetch details and show your bank account number.
  6. Your setup is now complete.

Key Features of WhatsApp Pay are:

  • P2P Payment.
  • All UPI supported banks are available.
  • Your WhatsApp number should be the same as the mobile number which is linked to your bank account.
  • The money will be directly debited/credited to the person’s bank account.
  • All transactions are secured with UPI Pin. Which you can set by yourself.

Reasons to use WhatsApp for your business:

  • Private and Secure Platform
  • Quick, Efficient, and reliable
  • Increasing Engagement with customers
  • Strengthen Brand presence and credibility
  • Quicker response time
  • Communicate Creatively
  • Automated Quick Response messaging tool
  • Maintain your Messaging Statistics.


WhatsApp Business is a very powerful, wide-reaching, and new communication platform that can help businesses to connect a bond with customers.

Over 80% of people in small businesses of India and Brazil prefer WhatsApp as their preference for generating sales.

So, whether you have a flower shop or a restaurant, you must create your WhatsApp Business account to increase your sales.

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