Top 10 Best Employee Monitoring Software

by Varun - Apr 23, 2021
Employee Monitoring Software

It is a more challenging task after the pandemic to keep track of employee morale. So, to help you make the correct choice for your company; we listed some of the top players in Employee Monitoring Software Companies.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Indeed, Employee Monitoring Software is a tool that monitors all of your employees’ authenticity. It also verifies that the employees are using their time at work to accomplish the responsibilities and tasks which are assigned to them. Rather than spending hours watching TikTok, YouTube videos, trolling on social media, or engaged in reckless or malicious behavior that jeopardizes the security of one’s business, or, even worse.

That’s why Employee Monitoring Software is used by many businesses for a variety of reasons: to help, prevent, and detect costly data breaches, or boost employee engagement, and optimize inefficient workflows.

This modern Employee Management Software helps companies to maximize the performance of their employees, improve employee engagement, and also increase process efficiency. By tracking and analyzing the behavior of employees at work, companies can maximize the efficiency of the workforce and become more productive.

Also, thanks to modern Employee Management Software technology, by that companies can now monitor almost 100 percent of employee activity and communication, including:

• Their Internet and app usage

• Email’s

• Computer screen recording

• Mobile Phone usage

• Video/audio surveillance

• GPS tracking for vehicle

• Location tracking with an access badge

So, Employee Monitoring Software gives companies an overall picture of how work is done in and out of the office, putting workforce activity data in context and providing insights for employers and employees to boost the personal, team, and corporate productivity.

When you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to determine if employee monitoring software is right for your team or not, which system to choose, and how to implement it in for your employees.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

1. Increase Productivity and Flexibility

According to the Survey of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, employees work better & efficient when they know they’re being watched.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Study also proves that when employees are been monitored, the company’s profits were increased by 7%.

So, with a physiological phenomenon employee become more efficient and conscious of their actions and work. Employee Monitoring is a proven and much more effective way of keeping your team on track and to increase your business profit.

With flexible hours & working remotely employee monitoring software plays a very crucial role to monitor all the employees working styles, hours, & productivity.

With the EMS, companies can track their employees spending working hours and whether or not their actions are productive or not.

The EMS summary report will give you a great overview of which employees are productive and which ones are not.

2. Data Security

Intentionally or unintentionally, a number of data breaches majorly occur within the company. 87% of employees take company information and documents with them after leaving a company. To prevent all these mis useful activities Monitoring software comes into the role they check out all of the hidden problems in depth.

So, Employees can’t hide anything from the employee monitoring software, that is the most significant thing that they can’t do any bad things which can affect their workplace or company.

EMS protects your company from insider threats, security breaches, and suspicious behavior. Also, EMS tracks all your business files, account information, as well as client data. In case an employee leaves and misuses the data one must reach out to forensic investigators.

If there is any bug in the system or software then you can use one of these Bug Tracking Software that we have discussed.

3. Optimizing Team Performance

Reviewing employee activity helps you to identify workers who aren’t meeting company expectations. You have to know if your employee is spending an inordinate amount of time browsing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or looking up sports scores online.

The time-tracking function of employee monitoring software monitors the entire number of hours your team works and how often employees report late to the office. Moreover, accessing this data allows you to examine your employees’ productivity efficiently.

Additionally, you can also discover your company’s as well as employees’ strengths and vulnerabilities within your company. Indeed, you may find some team members that have more time with them or are more useful in some areas than others. By gleaning insights into each team member, your executive decision-making is more informed, and you’re aware of issues like harassment or poor customer management.

Well been said by Rahul Viz, CEO of WebSpero Solutions “When employees are monitored regularly, you need not look back to their past projects to check their performance during the time of evaluation,” told during an interview with

4. Better choice, better delegation.

Employee Monitoring software promotes a greater understanding of the various capacities of your employees which can also enable you to create a comprehensive collection and assignment of tasks, strengthen teamwork, and increase your employee’s understanding of his or her skills.

Trust from managers to staff will be strengthened and helps everybody to have a clear perspective of the larger picture.

5. Payroll Automation:

Employee monitoring software has automated payroll process features and workflows that allow efficient and accurate processing of various HR functions such as payroll, leave, recruitment, and other things. Not only can it be used to send automatic payments but it also makes things easier and faster.

6. Attendance Monitoring:

Login and Logout time is an important piece of data that is fairly more important to track employees’ physical presence at work.

Other major things like overtime as well as leaves are monitored carefully. Provided that a company pays for the overtime hours, the time should yield productive results and not be wasted.

7. Working Remotely

Everyone loves to work on their time with their comfort zone. But 9 to 5 job employees don’t get that comfort zone. However, in this pandemic situation, every traditional office is shut down and all the businesses switched themselves to work from home Environment.

Software tracks all employee work activities/tasks as per the company’s requirement. So, don’t worry because the future of the traditional working atmosphere is now switching to the WFH environment. To manage all the company’s activities, we need Employee Monitoring Software to track all the inputs by employees.

But you will also have some of the Tech Issues While Working From Home, you should tackle them and move on with your work.

8. Controlling Unethical Behavior

It is a dream of each and every business owner to have a hardworking and creative team. But it is certainly very hard to have a fully competent team. There are one or more employees in the team who don’t follow the organization’s rules & regulations or work according to the given instructions. Thus, it is the first priority of superiors to identify those incompetent employees and weed them out of the team before they corrupt the other employees as well.

Through EMS, the company manager will get a real-time notification related to employee’s behavior and can also access how engaged they are in the workplace. This process will filter out all the unethical employees in your business so that management can take swift disciplinary action against them.

9. Rectifying all Errors Instantly

Employees don’t always deliberately make errors; they are also human beings and they can make some small errors without realizing it. It is a very common scenario that employees misinterpret/misunderstand the instructions provided by the manager or supervisors to complete a job. However, it doesn’t matter whether errors are committed intentionally or unintentionally, the consequences of mistakes can play a drastic role in the business organization.

That’s why Managers or Supervisors need to keep a tab on employee’s work so that they can identify errors before it gets too late. The major benefits of monitoring employees include sending reminders, occasionally checking employees work, and also making sure that they are always on the right track. With well-structured employee monitoring software, the process of rectifying errors in the early stage became very easy to conquer.

10. Provide Accurate Feedback

With employee monitoring software, managers can provide workers with a true, visible, and reliable performance report. Thus, administrators can provide real-time information on employee attendance, leave, project completion, and so on, it provides workers with the right feedback. Moreover, an automated Excel reports will be produced, so there will not be many excuses for employees to excuse for their wrong behavior. On the top of that, employees can grow better in their careers when they receive accurate feedback from industry experts.

Here are Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software’s

1. Talygen

Talygen is the most advanced employee monitoring software or business management software for small, medium, and large businesses. It currently has 25+ fully integrated modules that communicate with each other some of those modules includes: Time Tracking, Project Management, Expense Tracking, CRM, Ticketing, Hiring, Human Capital Management, Desktop Auditing, Cloud Storage, Message Boards, Built in Chat, Invoicing, Knowledge Bases, Document Sharing, Performance Review, Event Management, & Client Module. It can run on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as on any smart devices (like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone).

Companies can run their entire business using Talygen. Business owners can manage every aspect of their business, employees, contractors, as well as customers. Talygen helps to design the way which Business Owners and Managers communicate with their Employees and Clients. Moreover, Talygen offers advanced features that are not available anywhere else in the marketplace.

Talygen provides an unmatched, easy to use, and innovative solution to the users/businesses that gives them an extra edge. Talygen is easy to setup and there is no need to install any extra software. With a web browser and a sound internet connection, your Business is ready to fly.

Talygen Features

• Overtime Calculation

• Timesheet Management

• Automatic Time Capture

• Billable & Non

• Offline Time Tracking

• Vacation/Leave Tracking

• Billing & Invoicing

• Mobile Time Tracking

• Multiple Billing Rates

• Employee Database

• Scheduling

• Vendor Management

• Employee Management

• Order Management

• Purchasing

• Inventory Management

• Financial Management

• Billing & Invoicing


• Time & Expense Tracking

• Performance Metrics

• Marketing Management

• Training Management

• Project Management

Talygen Pricing

Starting from: $20.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Talygen licenses are 1 user/month, with discounts for large enterprises. There are no annual contracts and you can cancel anytime you want. There is also no setup fee.

2. FairTrak

FairTrak is a comprehensive Employee Monitoring Software that allows companies/businesses to improve their employee’s productivity and efficiency by allowing them to analyze peoples’ activities, learn each employee’s behavior and can also recognize the scope of improvement.

FairTrak additionally protects your company networks via redirecting individuals to secured sites and interfaces. On peak of that, the software also fastens users and different devices which appears to be a risk to the honesty of the organization.

FairTrak Features

• Applications Management

• Real Time Tracking/Reporting

• Email Monitoring

• Employee Productivity Analysis

• Live View & History Playback

• Website Monitoring

• Screen Capture

• Web Activity/Browsing History

• Alerting

• Quick View

• Activity Monitoring

• Website Search

• Alert Word Notifications

• Time Management

FairTrak Pricing Overview

FairTrak pricing starts at $100.00 per year. They do not have a free version. FairTrak offers a free trial.

3. LogNTrack

LogNTrack is user-friendly surveillance software. Which provides employee monitoring solution for small, medium to large enterprises.

It is impossible for your employees to escape from the LogNTrack’s tracking features as it captures screenshots randomly to record your employee’s natural activity.

Features of LogNTrack:

• Easy to Setup

• Attendance & Leave Management

• Data Security

• Graphical Reports Generation

• Time Tracking and Screen Monitoring

• Provide accurate feedback

• Real Time Screenshot/Monitoring

• 24/7 Professional technical support

• Document Management

• Project Management

• Task Management

• Applications Management

• Self Service Portal

• Timesheet Management

• Email Management/Monitoring

• Real Time Reporting

• Activity Tracking

• Project Tracking

• Client Management

• Vacation / Leave Tracking

• Keystroke Logger

• Website Monitoring

• Activity Monitoring

• Asset Tracking

• Billable & Non-Billable Hours

• Online/Offline Time Tracking

• Reporting/Analytics

• Productivity Analysis

• Behavioral Analytics

• Hourly Employee Tracking

• Sick Leave Tracking

• Browsing History

• Keystroke Recording

• Maintenance History

With these features you can enables yourself "to take complete dominance over your employees".

4. DeskTrack

DeskTrack is an automated cloud-based time tracking tool. DeskTrack helps small to large businesses and it also records various user activities such as total time spent on a system, applications opened, URL’s Browsed, downloaded files, idle hours, meeting duration, and projects. The platform offers a whitelist option to let users manage app access, permissions and setup usage time limits.

Some notable features of DeskTrack are include URL tracking, application tracking, document title and path tracking, project tracking in real-time, Email tracking (Outlook and Gmail), randomly taking desktop screenshots, mobile applications, and additional features. DeskTrack's automated time tracking module records the actual hours spent on each activity, idle time (when the user is away from the system), meeting hours, projects and tasks, and more.

With DeskTrack, teams can avoid manual processes for creating project/task timesheets, calculating billable hours for clients, and tracking time to complete projects. Tracked files and URLs are directly linked to projects and tasks, thus helping to create automated timesheets for projects. DeskTrack connects teams, including remote employees, with work by providing detailed project reports.

DeskTrack supports MAC, Windows, Linux and Android phones.

DeskTrack Features

• Attendance management

• Project Management

• Time & Attendance Management

• Time Tracking

• Project Time Tracking

• Timesheet Management

• Activity Tracking

• Task Planning/Scheduling/Tracking

• Project Tracking

• Automatic Time Capture

• Online Time Tracking

• Time per Project Reporting

• Mobile Time Tracking, etc.

5. NetForChoice is also one of the best solutions for Employee Monitoring Software. It is also a cloud-based employee activity tracking tool and reports what employees are doing in the business/company working hours. It can easily monitor employees those are working from home or those who stay away from business work. It provides contextual information that empowers organization to be more secure, compliant, and productive.

Using NetForChoice, the businesses will understand how their staff works, how they use their devices, and how they deal with company’s sensitive information.

Key Features of User-Activity Monitoring Tool: -

1. It will Record and Track everything your employees do

2. It also shows how much staffs are working

3. Also, monitor where employees spend their time during working hour

4. Setup who & what will be monitored by yourself

5. Centralized dashboard for analyses

6. Remote or Home worker monitoring

7. Randomly Snapshot of employee’s screen

8. Check whether an employee is stealing data or monitor all the malicious attempts.

Pricing= Unrevealed but can Request for Quote

6. EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor is also one of the most powerful and advanced employee monitoring software that allows company managers to track and manage all their employees’, computer usage and other digital activities they perform during business working hours.

Once you implemented this software in your company, then you can easily monitor the website and applications which your employees are using with a centralized/personalized dashboard, also record how much time they are spending on office work, and other non-work-related activities.

EmpMonitor starts working automatically when your employees start their working system (Computer, Laptop, or else) and record all the activities until their systems get turned off. It provides you all the necessary data and also generates detailed employee reports based on the metrics you choose.

Overview of EmpMonitor Features

• Graphical Reports

• Advanced Settings

• Centralized and user-friendly Dashboard

• Randomly Screenshots Saver

• Website Blocking

• Content Filtering

• Real-Time Monitoring

• EmpMonitor Agent

• Investigate Employees

• Window Application Usage

• Stealth Operation

• Alerts/Notifications

• Timesheet Management

• Project Billing and Invoicing Feature

• Free Updates

• Central Management

7. Berqun

Berqun is a cloud-based employee monitoring software solution that captures employee’s device screenshots at specified time intervals. It also uses productivity analysis tools to help businesses to manage in-office and remote teams in all. With Berqun, managers can monitor employee’s activity and score their employee productivity based on customizable performance metrics. Berqun Software can also analyze workplace trends and track unusual behavior changes.

Berqun's performance metrics can help managers to measure employee’s performance by translating productivity into BQ Scores. These scores are calculated based on ratios of time spent on websites and apps that are considered to be productive versus disruptive.

On the top of it, Berqun helps businesses to evaluate their employees’ performance by providing daily, monthly, and yearly metrics. It does all the difficult task of analyzing and scoring employee efficiency and productivity during working hours, helping managers to discover, pinpoint, and address critical issues and sustain employee effectiveness and productivity.

These insights can help any business managers to identify low performers as well as a better performer in order to take corrective action towards higher productivity levels.

Berqun’s support is available via phone, live chat, and other online measures. Berqun can be deployed on the cloud or can hosted on-premise.


• Automatic Alerts/Notifications

• App Usage Tracking

• Browsing History

• Customizable Metrics/Scores

• Device Screenshots

• Email Performance Reports

• Employee Activity Monitoring

• Energy Saver

• Idle Time Monitoring

• Live Device Monitoring

• Productivity Analysis

• Summary/Monthly Reports

• Productivity Scores

• Screen Activity Recording

• Time & Attendance

• Time Tracking

8. CurrentWare

CurrentWare is a software company that provides a service of monitoring solutions for endpoint security, insider threat detection & web filtering/monitoring.

CurrentWare’s solutions are adopted by a wide array of organizations which include schools, colleges hospitals, clinics, libraries, and for-profit businesses as well. Customers can improve their productivity, data security, and business intelligence with currentware’s advanced awareness and control of how technology is used in their organization with data-driven insights into bandwidth usage, web access, files created and deleted on USB devices, and much more.

The CurrentWare suite of solutions operates from a centralized console, allowing for scalable deployments with remote client installs and SQL server support. Currentware’s products can also be installed directly onto devices, providing a user-friendly installation experience with no server experience required.

CurrentWare offers a full-featured 14-day FREE trial of all of their products.

9. Veriato

Veriato add a whole new dimension to employee monitoring system, which let you record and review anything or everything that your employees do on their PCs, Macs, and Android devices. The Veriato Employee Monitoring software offers a simple implementation with cloud and on-premise options. You can also deploy and manage the recorders from a single cloud-based dashboard so that you never have to physically access the employees’ device.

• Monitoring which employees spend half the day on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social media platform

• You can get scheduled productivity reports (daily, weekly, monthly)

• Understand exactly how long employees are “actively” working

• Eliminate risky and inappropriate use of the internet

• Monitor remote workers productivity and efficiency

• Protect against data theft (client lists, financials, patient info, credit card info. etc.)

Employee Monitoring Software Features

• Screenshots

• Web Searches

• Website Interactions

• File Movement

• Email & Webmail

• Unusual Behavior

• Productivity Tracking

• Social Media

• Application Use

• Chats

• Instant Messaging

• Print Tracking

• Use of USB

• Uploads

• Downloads

• Keylogger

• Real Time Alerts

10. Lexicon

Lexicon is a Software Products & Services Company that also offer Employee Monitoring Software. Its grow’s at a very fast rate, it is engaged in offering standard & customized software solutions to the business verticals of Health Care, Education & allied segments.

They provide software to many organizations such as Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Clinics, Businesses, etc. Customized solutions viz. Website and Business Applications, are provided to small & medium businesses.

Lexicon is managed by a team of qualified technology & management professionals, who are passionate about what they do. Their Management Team has more than 20+ years of global experience in Software Development and related Sales & Marketing. It is a privately invested company.

Their Head-Quarter is located at Faridabad, Delhi NCR and has Development Center at Ranchi, Jharkhand. It has sales offices across the nation.


• Enterprise Web Portals Service

• Content Management Systems (CMS)

• Websites, Web Hosting, Domains, Email Service

• Audio and Video Streaming Service

• Networking and Server Administration Service

• Mobile Application Service


Employee monitoring software is crucial for the growth of an organization. They help you monitor employees’ productivity, allow you to manage everything easily, and also safeguard all valuable/sensitive data. There are some drawbacks associated with the tools, but you can eliminate such negative factors from your end by implementing such tools in an ethical way.

Let us know in the comment section below which software you are using to manage your employees, and does it do a good job? If you need help please free to contact us.

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